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Thank you for the wonderful participation in the Pre-Order of this DVD.  The DVD’s have shipped so you should be receiving them soon. I’m now making this available at the regular price through the manufacturing company. These will be drop shipped directly from the company with a shipping method of your choosing.

Pursuing Portraits Workshop


Pursuing Portaits 6 video Lessons Available for 40.00 plus shipping of your choice



Journal your way to a self portrait that reflects your true self.  During this 6 lesson course you will work in the comfort and safety of your own Art Journal.  This will be an exploration of our own self and the face that we see in the mirror each morning as we dig deep to find what lies behind the face that we show to the world.  Your face may not even look like you, but it will be representative of the inner you.  I will show you the techniques I use in my mixed media portraits and guide you towards creating a face that is uniquely yours.


This workshop is intended to be a starting place for those wanting to pursue the art of drawing faces. I say ‘pursue’ because that’s exactly what I’ve found it to be. You can draw a face every day and not have them look alike. Portraits are a great way to watch your growth as an artist. Since the time I created this workshop my work has evolved a lot, but the basic techniques I teach here are still the same. This is a great starting place on a journey that never ends and I’m excited to be offering this retired workshop as a DVD.


Over 2 hours of video instruction


DVD’s will be shipped out between the 25th and 30th of this month. It will be available unsigned, directly from the manufacturer at the full price of $40.00
Week 1
~Facing the Facts


Sketching basics, learning how to draw a face and where everything is supposed to go.


Week 2~Who Am I?


Backgrounds that speak of you


Week 3~Take a Look in the Mirror


Learning how to make it your face


Week 4~Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin


Learn the painting and shading techniques that I use in my portraits


Week 5~It’s the Little Things That Matter Most


All the details that bring your face to life


Week 6~Shout Out Loud or whisper really soft


Using your portrait to express your voice



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