Pursuing Portraits DVD Orders Update

Pursuing Portraits Button 2I just wanted all of you who pre-ordered  my Pursuing Portraits DVD that they will be going out as scheduled on or before the 30th. I’ve had a couple of emails asking and I know it’s easy to read over information in a post, so I wanted to update and remind everyone that I’d estimated them being shipped out between the 25th and 30th of this month and they will be going out right on time:-) Thank you so much for your orders!  For those who have been asking when it will be available for purchase again, I will be posting a link for the DVD at it’s regular price after all of the pre-orderes have shipped and I’ll let you know via another post.


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  1. Hi Pam, I am so enjoying your Life Journal 365, but aw shucks did not know you had a Pursuing Portraits DVD. Oh well hopefully you will have it for sale again some day yes? Also in the 365 DVD set you mention a PDF that we could follow, is that on your website or should I have gotten that in an email and I missed it? Thanks Pam, loving the DVD’s. Diane

    • The Pursuing Portraits will be available on my website sometime next week:-) It’s only the Pre-Order sale that is over.
      Because these DVD’s are made from the videos of my online workshops they will occasionally mention a handout or PDF, but those were only available to the people who took the online version. The DVD’s are simply the videos from those classes. But I did include inserts where necessary with some written or diagramed instruction. With Journal 365 there is a diagram to create your own journal. Hope this helps and continue to enjoy:-)

  2. I definitely want to get on that list, Pam. I so enjoy your way of teaching and looking forward to purchasing your DVD when it’s available.

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  3. Hi Pam
    it will be also possible to ship the dvd to switzerland?

    I’m very impressed about your works! thank you very much for sharing your skills!!

    • Yes! They will be available through a company that produces them and drop ships directly from their factory so you get to choose your shipping method and of course where it’s shipped to:-)

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