Photocraft Book Giveaway!!!

And the Winner is Pia!!!! Please send me your mailing address to and I’ll get your book on it’s way to you!!
Thank you all for stopping by to leave comments and participate in the drawing.


Told you I had some super awesome things to give away this month!!! I’m thrilled to have been included in Chrysti Hydeck and Susan Tuttles new book! It is a beautiful mix of art and photography that has me itching to get an iPhone! (T-mobile is like the last holdout for getting them-lol-but they are coming soon or so I’m told!) and also makes me feel like maybe I too can begin to use Photoshop. I love how the books instructions are laid out in an easy to follow way. There are even screen shots for the true technophobes like me.


This book also has mixed media art projects in it, one of which immortalizes my beloved dog Relay:-)


So how do you win your own copy? Simply leave a comment on this post and on the 21st of December (providing the world does not come to an end on that day;-) I will draw a name and a copy will be mailed to you!!!

I’m also very honored that both of these talented ladies are featured in my upcoming book as well. I absolutely love their work!

Click on the above book images to get a peak inside of this awesome book!

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  1. Well, if this book is half as good as yours, I’d love to win it. And no, I’m not trying to suck up, this was just an opportunity to praise you anyway. Mixed media is a new world to me (I’m a photographer mainly), but you definitely got me interested in paints and papers again. 😉 Cute dog, Molly says woof!

  2. This book looks wonderful….I love doing both mixed media and digital collage and would love to have a copy. I must say I have your book Art at the Speed of Life and I refer to it all the time one of my favorite go-tos. All the best for the Christmas Season. Michelle

  3. Thank you for the offer, Pam. Two great artists/authors and you in it.. what could one ask for? BTW,.. I go your “Journal 365” dvd and I’m so excited to watch it.

  4. It is great for you to give us a chance to win this beautiful book! I would love it and congratulations!

    I also wanted to enter the stencil giveaway but didn’t know the rules? Oh well, aA friend of mine has the Jill K Berry stencilas and they are wonderful!!


  5. I’d love to win this book! I’ve been to Art and Soul 3 years and everyone always raved about your class! I rely a lot on my Ipod Camera for creativity when I don’t have the time to sit down and paint, etc. Susan’s work is so inspiring – I’d love to try and get to her level. Money has been very limited for my family this year, so if I win it would be the best Gift for me! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  6. Pam, I’m so glad I found you online. Art at the Speed of Life has helped me move out of a year-long rut in the studio. Thank you for opening new horizons. Digital photography? Photoshop? Sure, bring it on!

  7. Pam…thank you for this giveaway…looks like a great book and definitely on my list! Mixed media is and always will be a big part of my creative life.
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

  8. I wonder if crossing my fingers and toes and arms at the elbow will help me win? I sure hope so. But, it’s gonna be awfully uncomfortable till the 21st.

  9. Fantastic giveaway! I’ve taken a couple of Susan’s online classes which were packed with easy to follow info. And you should definately start playing with photoshop – I think you’d be a natural

  10. Aloha! I used to work at Adobe years ago and was always so impressed by what our creative department could do with the product yet–not being a techie–I was intimidated by Photoshop. This looks like something that could certainly get me past that fear! Congrats on being included and love your little man. He is a cutie : )

  11. I’ve been reading about Susan Tuttle, she’s from Maine and I’m in her back yard in New Hampshire. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.
    Pamela Beliveau

  12. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win a copy of this book—it looks like I’d enjoy it….am an amateur photographer and have just gotten Photoshop. I want to expand my skills and I’m hoping this book with do that along with giving me some inspiration.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’ve dabbled in Photoshop but have discovered that you have to use it often in order to remember how to do all the stuff….so having a nice reference source nearby would be GREAT!

  14. Just checked this book out on I really liked what I saw. Even if I don’t win this book, I would definitely be asking Santa for it.

  15. I enjoy doing mixed-media artwork so winning the book would be awesome! Following blogs like yours has helped inspire me to do more than just crafts like rubber stamping. I’ve got a BFA in painting and have neglected to paint or do original art since I’ve been disabled due to back pain. Art helps to heal, or so I’ve been told, but being in so much pain makes it difficult to be creative. So, I thank you for inspiring me with your work.

  16. Pam, Congratulation for being included in this book. I was so excited when I read the description. I recently obtained Photoshop and have yet to start learning how to use it. And your dog is soooo cute. Susan

  17. What a a wonderful opportunity! I don ‘t think I can wait to win one tho. I really want this and it just so happens I’m headed to B+N tomoro morning… what are the odds I buy one and win one? 😉

  18. First, I have to tell you that I love the “snow” falling on your blog. Very festive! Thanks for the chance to win this cool book!

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  20. Wow this book looks awesome! Just the kind of book that I need to get started using Photoshop. Thank you Pam for offering a free one.

  21. Thanks for yet another Holiday giveaway, Pam! You’re such a sweetie! Don’t consider myself a technophobic but, boy, could I use a book that would reduce my Photoshop anxiety!

  22. That looks like a good book – and it looks like it would make a great gift to any fellow artist – even if I don’t win, it will be a wonderful reason to visit Barnes & Nobles …

  23. What I have to say is, if the world doesn’t end today, the 21st, then I would love nothing more than a copy of this wonderful book. And I love Relay, dogs are so great, how on earth did he get his name is what I want to know. Thank you Pam for the very generous offer, can’t wait for your DVD 365 to arrive. xoxox Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.

  24. I’ve had this book on my list of things to get yet and here you are offering it in a giveaway. I peeked at the inside pages and it looks like it is filled with amazing information…all that info I need to be able to do this. I am also a technophobe but want to get past thatand explore and discover; as to why I had this book on my list. I’d be grateful to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Thanks, Pam, for the giveaway! I have worked some with Adobe Photoshop but this book looks like it would be a great help in understanding what I am doing. Looking forward to your new book, too.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  26. Hi Pam! What a great book Photograph looks to be !!! I’d love to win and I thank you for the opportunity for the possibility! Annie P *:~)

  27. What a beautiful book!! I’ve been working with Photoshop for a few years now and I love it! I first used it to create a digital scrapbook of my trip to Greece and then to fine tune my photography. Wonderful, versatile software for crafters and photographers. 🙂 The book looks so interesting and fun!

  28. Thanks – this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Photoshop…I have “dabbled” but look forward to more in-depth knowledge of this awesome program…Merry Christmas…Joanne

  29. I don’t think I could possibly have too many books on this subject. Everyone explains things a little differently and has their own twist on how they use various features, and the more I read (and do), the more I understand! Thanks for the giveaway offer. Merry Christmas to you!

  30. thanks so much for the opportunity. I could really use this sort of help. thanks, too, for your continued blessed inspiration and encouragements to us all!

  31. I’m a bit of a technophobe myself but I have always been intrigued by Photoshop. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the giveaway and have a lovely weekend.

  32. Pam,

    I can’t wait for your new book to hit the press! What a wonderful new book, I am truly timid where it comes to digital design and technology, I am use to tactile supplies rather than virtual ones but I think the media is amazing. Thank you for a chance to participate in your give away.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  33. This looks like a great book. I have Susan’s first book and it is great. I’m sure this one will be as well. Thanks for the offer.

  34. Oh my gosh Pam! Thank you for the chance to win this book. It looks like it would be so much fun to use this book to create some master pieces!

  35. OMGosh, this is so exciting. Love Susan Tuttles, I was lucky enough to win a Dog Photography book on her blog and I had just purchased a new camera. I think this is going to be my year 😉 I just got my Photoshop 10 in the mail, and am deciding whether to get an iPhone or Samsung III. It must be a sign don’t you think? Just love her work and have not been able to get the magical results I’m wanting – guess I need this new book!!
    Fingers and toes are crossed, fickle finger of fate HERE I AM.

  36. This book looks fabulous! I love mixing personal photos into mixed media art. Your Relay is adorable! Would love to win this – I love Susan Tuttle too.

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