DVD’s are on their way!

Just a note to let all of you who participated in the pre-order of Journal 365, that your DVD’s were mailed right on time and should be there this week if you are in the states and hopefully not too much longer for those who are international.

Journal 365 DVD Cover

I’ve had a few emails from people wondering where their DVD’s are and just wanted to remind everyone that with the pre order I had to wait until all of the orders were in and then send a bulk order to the manufacturer at one time. So some of you who ordered right off the bat are waiting a bit longer, but I’d also stated that it would be 3 weeks after the offer was over before they would ship so we are right on track not to worry:-)

For those who have been asking if you can order, I will have a link up on the DVD page next week. I wanted to make sure all of the pre orders were done first. The regular orders will come to you directly from the manufacturer with your choice of shipping options.

Thanks again for the overwhelming response to the pre order! I was at the post office for almost two hours getting them all posted, lol. Not to mention the hand cramp from signing them all! Much appreciated everyone and I hope you enjoy the workshop:-)

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