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Some of you have asked me about how to use the Face Map Stencils so I thought I’d give you a little demo on one of the ways you can use them.

Using a simple pencil you can trace through the stencil for the face guidelines. This is a great way to fearlessly practice your sketching, shading and drawing techniques.


Start with a light 4H lead and begin to add some cross hatching to the areas that need shading. This helps you to begin defining the planes of the face and determine where your highlights will be. It’s easy to change things when you start out light. NOTE: I went darker on the outlines so you would be able to see them in the photos, you would want to go much lighter.


Smudge out your shading with a blending stump. Stumps are great tools for drawing. They are cheap and will help you move the graphite around on the paper and soften the lines.


Add more cross hatching with softer leads, try a 2B


Blend this out with the stump as well, and continue on building tonal values in your work. Remove graphite as needed with a kneaded eraser.


You will want to have mostly mid tone values with a few very dark tones to emphasize the facial features.


Add hair and continue tweaking until you feel your drawing is finished. It’s amazing but even with starting from a stencil, each drawing will end up with different look and you can change up the features as you become more confident in your drawing skills.  The guidelines can be erased when you are finished.

Here are some other examples of using the stencils for both sketching and in journal work.

DSC01337DSC01323DSC01322DSC01292DSC01341Portraits in the Bag1

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  1. Thank you for your continual sharing of your artistic skills and insight, for I am always learning and gaining confidence, habimg your guidance, show me the way, as I explore my artistic capabilities.
    Thank you again for sharing. It is always appreciated.

  2. Pam, what a generous spirit you have! This is a great incentive to keep drawing regardless of the holiday swirl. Thanks so much for this wonderful lesson.

  3. Pam, thank you for taking the time to do that instruction. It was greatly beneficial! Now I’ll definitely order the stencils. Pat B

  4. Hi Pam,
    I loved the way you used the stencils to do your faces. Maybe if I’d have had them while I was an art major, I would be a famous portrait artist!
    great job and when I get the stencils (hopefully winning them), I will use your tutorial.
    thanks bunches,
    Lynne Sward

  5. Hi Pam…even though I took your portrait workshop, I found this to be a very helpful refresher, and I especially LOVE the way you integrated the sketches into your journal work…very inspiring! Thanks, as always!

  6. thank you so much Pam..this is so kind of you to show this great shading technique to us …I have to practice more… it is so easy to follow your instructions! Have to say a big thank you..
    I enjoy each free tutorial ( Stampington, Facebook, here)
    and have to say that you are an awesome guide and teacher!

  7. Wow! After today’s email with the gift instruction on the face stencils, I am really hoping I am fortunate enough to win the faces stencil. Thank you again Pam for showing us even more of how to do better art. You are so generous and it is so nice to have an artist like you to show us how to do better art..

All comments are read and greatly appreciated!

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