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Wow! It’s hard for those of us behind the scenes at ARTFUL GATHERING to believe the day is finally here!! We’ve been busy for months working on our workshops, shooting, editing,  turning videos into DVD’s, writing up handouts, gathering awesome raffle prizes, and getting the classrooms all set for you!


I hope you’ll consider joining me for my brand new online class! This is the only drawing faces class that I’ll be teaching live or online in 2012, so don’t miss the chance to participate in a real time online setting and then also have the opportunity to revisit the workshop through the DVD and handouts anytime you like!

June 2012 Artful Gathering

Still Pursuing Portraits
Pam Carriker

A few years ago, a couple hundred students began a journey with me called Pursuing Portraits. I don’t know about most of them, but for me, my pursuit of drawing and painting portraits continues on. I’ve moved from cute, stylized faces to more accurate, realistic portraits. That is where my journey has taken me and along the way I’ve learned, through teaching numerous workshops, how to dissect a face and demonstrate easy ways to make a ‘face map’ to guide the artist in creating a face with the correct proportions. For the first time, I would like to share all of this with you! This workshop will cover creating portraits from sketching to painting, with some fun new mediums thrown in for even further exploration. So you didn’t take Pursing Portraits the first time? This class is brand new, and will benefit both those who took my first workshop and those who did not.

Daily exercising of the ‘sketching’ muscles is highly encouraged as in lessons 1-3 we will explore drawing a face from front, side, and ¾ views. Mapping, shading, various pencil techniques, and an easy method of transferring sketches to rapidly improve drawing skills, will be demonstrated through videos. PDF downloads of worksheets will accompany each of these lessons so we can practice without fear. We will work in journals to enhance the atmosphere of learning and to see our growth. Creating faces takes practice and if you put in the time I can guarantee you will see improvement and growth in your work.

When we have practiced our hand at drawing, we will then move on to painting portraits using a variety of mediums. Water soluble crayon, my new Liquid Pencil Sketching Ink, and acrylic paint will all be explored in our journals. This 8 week workshop will include over 100 minutes of video instruction, PDF download worksheets, video and written instruction on drawing a face from full on, profile, and ¾ views, shading, water soluble crayon, Sketching Ink, and acrylic paint techniques. Everything you need to get started or to enhance your journey as you continue your Pursuit of Portraits.

Workshop Fee:  $110.00

A DVD of all of the video lessons (over 120 minutes) will be available for purchase. $25.00 shipping included in the US and $35.00 shipping included outside of the US

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