Survey Says…

In answer to “What is your most asked question?”

Survey says, “When will your Mixed Media Adhesive be available?”

The answer is, “NOW!”

Now available online HERE at the Interweave Store

There is a video tutorial up on the site so you can see why this is different from any other collage adhesive out there.

Here is a sample journal page using the Mixed Media Adhesive to collage black and white copies of snippets of my artwork and then I used water colors and black pens over the top.

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  1. ive been checking every day and the one day i didnt check you posted that it was in stock, and now that you said its in i was so excited until i got to the page, and it says they are out already. when will you have more???? i would love to try this product. thanks

  2. Thank goodness. I’ve been checking out the Interweave store every few days since you posted the video about this adhesive. I’m going shopping NOW!

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