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For the month of December Americana Toscana is offering $100 off of enrollment for both workshop participants as well as non-participating guests.

For a little taste of the beauty that will inspire our art, check out this video

What fun would it be to find a ticket to Italy in your stocking this Christmas?! If you want to put it on your ‘Santa List’ please feel free to include my email so I can play ‘Santa’s Helper’ if Santa should need it;-)

Derivan Liquid Pencils are a relatively new medium that takes sketching to a whole new place! With different tints in both permanent and rewettable formulas, they offer a wide range of creativity and allow you to ‘sketch’ without picking up a pencil! I’ve been working with the creators of Liquid Pencil and am excited to have a line of new products coming out that make this new medium especially user-friendly to Art Journalers. If you love the look of sketching but are unsure of your drawing skills, this class will give you exactly what you need to begin sketching in your journal. For the more advanced student the sky’s the limit when you add this to what you already do and I will show you the many different techniques possible with this innovative product!
I will be bringing my very own Portrait Sketch Stamps to use in class as well so there is nothing to fear if you don’t have much experience with portraits-you can literally stamp a sketch! With inspiration all around us in this ideal setting, there will be no end of things to journal about. After we limber up our artistic muscles, using this new medium, we will move from our journals to a more substantial substrate and create mixed media artwork to take home and hang, for a permanent reminder of this once in a lifetime experience.

 Picture Yourself…
among the sights and sounds of beautiful and romantic Tuscany: olive groves, vineyards, centuries-old buildings, winding streets, texture and vibrant sunlight.

 Feel Yourself…
in the warm ambience of Cortona, overlooking Lake Trasimeno and the Val di Chiana, originally fortified by the Umbrians, claimed by the Etruscans, touched by the Renaissance.   Almost unchanged for centuries, Cortona is one of Tuscany’s jewels.

the joy of painting en plein air yourself in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere with the expert instruction of a nationally known artist and instructor and the camaraderie friendship of a small group of learners and seekers.

great Italian food, delightful wines, new friends, breath-taking vistas, history and the hospitality of the people of Cortona.

The class kit will include a your own bottle of my new Liquid Pencil Sketching Ink, a journal, a Set of my favorite Peerless Watercolors (these are so awesome if you’ve not used them before!) a signed copy of my book a water reservoir brush and more goodies. You won’t have to bring anything in the way of art supplies. I’ll provide it all so you can just  pack your clothes and camera, oh and maybe your best friend!

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