Stashing my Stash

I am finally down to one box left to unpack in my studio, but that will have to wait until after I finish things for a couple of deadlines coming up fast!

So this week, as I put things away, I kept asking myself, ‘How do I stash my stash’?  This is something we all deal with and whenever you move or reorganize your space you have to figure out what works best for you.

I decided that a trip to Target and Lowe’s was in order and I purchased some shelf units and plastic storage drawers. I need functional storage for my closet, not worried about ‘pretty’ and I need to be able to expand it as my time and wallet allow.

I received my first boxes of products from Matisse and I’m thrilled to finally have a huge closet space to store this type of thing in. I will add more shelves as needed to accommodate product.

Drawers will hold stamp sheets all neat and tidy

and I love these over the door shoe organizers. I keep all of my flyers, postcards etc in them.

Mailing supplies all grouped together will be handy. I used to keep them in a different room at our old house so I’m glad that I will be able to have everything I need in one space.

My stash of cute workshop aprons hangs at one end of the long closet.

Believe it or not, but one of my first workspaces was in a closet about 1/2 the size of this. I was thrilled when I converted that closet into my own private workspace. Work with what you have, carve out your little niche and don’t let not having a ‘studio’ keep you from creating. You can create no matter what your space is, even if it’s a spot at the kitchen table. I can say this because I have done it.

See, my one last box left to unpack! I hope the missing drawer in my shelf unit is in there-lol!

I have my stuff stashed and still have room to grow vertically in this storage space. I picked shelf units that can be added onto as needed and that are inexpensive. For now I’m good. My things are unpacked and I can work in my studio. I will add to and adjust things as needed down the road, but for now I love having a space to work in again~

PS. Checkout Interweaves Stash Buster Sale this week! Lots of cool things at this annual Post Labor Day Sale and there is even a flicker group you can upload your photos to making you eligible to win cool prizes!! Be sure to check it out!!

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  1. This is so inspirational Pam and thank you for sharing your lovely space with us. My office space is 10’x10’8 and I sure have to be thoughtful about what goes in it. Ikea offers a three-drawer white dresser called Malm at $69.00. We already have two of them, and the drawers glide effortlessly. I am picking one up for the office tomorrow to put supplies in, and will be able to get rid of three other little cabinets to give the space a smoother, cleaner look. We are always looking for great stuff to store our stuff in aren’t we? Your space is very inspiring and I hope you love your new home-it looks beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful workroom! With great lighting and tons of room! I’m lucky enough to also have my own art room, but find I’ve cluttered it with tons of ‘inspiring’ items and works, so my eye doesn’t get a rest…if I had the wall space, I’d end up hanging and filling it with tons of finished projects and inspiration….go figure:) But I would love to have your closet just for storage of my supplies! Great room! Enjoy!

  3. Wow – looks great! As I’ll be moving temporarily for work, I’ll be wanting to set up some small creative space, so this info is also very useful!! Your new space just looks lovely – nice job!!!

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