Slowly but Surely

Things are falling into place (falling? Well, being placed there with careful attention-lol) I’m loving this little niche in the room for my desk work. It’s not my favorite part of the ‘Full Time Artist’ thing, so I try to make my surroundings as enjoyable and none distracting as I can. If I try to work in arms reach of paint and other art supplies I get sucked into the more fun aspects of creating! I love how the sheer drapes section this area off a bit without closing it in too much.

That pile of work sitting there followed me over from my old studio and needs attention fast, so I’m pushing to get my studio in order asap.

At day’s end the desk is a bit more tidy and what you can’t see is that behind the panel on the right is my kind of ugly but functional file cabinet with that pile of ‘needs to be done soon’ work from my desk, organized by priority. I like that I don’t have to look at it right when I walk into my studio, but it’s easy to see what needs to be done when I sit at my desk. Those of you who work as full-time artists know that at least half of your time is spent working on things other than actual art. It’s important to make that time as enjoyable as possible and to set yourself up for successful use of that time. Seeing a desk full of work does not make me want to go and sit there, but having one task on the desk and the rest out of sight but in easy reach from an uncluttered desk makes it a bit easier.

I have found that for me, neutral calming colors and uncluttered work areas work best. I’ve done the colorful walls, stuff everywhere kind of workspace and have come to prefer a cleaner, less cluttered, light filled space. Bottom line is to pay attention to what works for you. How do you feel in your space? Do you want to go into it, or do you want to shut the door on it and find your art supplies migrating to other areas? Listen to your inner voice and create a space that invites you in.

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  1. Spare and uncluttered works for me too. And I *never* used to be that way. And, God only knows, it is still hard for me to achieve. We wear so many hats, don’t we, almost seems like I need a space for each one of the hats and then I need a space for every one of my moods. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound ‘spare’ at all, does it !?!?!?
    Love seeing pics of the new digs. Looks marvelous.

  2. Dear Pam, Having moved into an apartment from a house just 3 weeks ago, I am sure following your comments with much interest! Our apartment is just beautiful with plenty of storage and nature views, so no complaints there. Getting rid of box after box after box has been pleasurable and then making space for art even more fun. I can actually make things now and I keep making the art space in the office more and more personal and inviting.
    I so hope that your beloved journal shows up one day and becomes your again. After reading your story, I checked my journals to make sure my name and phone are in every one.
    All the best to you,
    Sandy Guderyon in California

  3. It’s funny that you say that Pam – I found myself sitting at the dining table last night to draw rather than in my workspace (which takes up half of our spare bedroom) and I wondered why I had escaped the place that I usually love to go to. I took a little peek and it’s really not that hard to work out why – I’ve had a crazy couple of mornings trying to get out the door in time for school drop off, and have been researching through old journals for material, and all the while trying to get my study done but EVERYTHING was in exactly the place I had LEFT it. Nothing was put away and there was no longer any space for me. I will be fixing that tonight so I can come back to a clean and tidy space tomorrow – and that works for me.
    Take care and all the best as you settle in to your new home.

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