Packing Tape-Transfer

We are moving! To Dallas! And every time I tape up a box my mind wonders to the many uses for packing tape that don’t have a thing to do with moving-lol! This ‘packing tape transfer’, is not nearly as fun as the crafty kind. We are excited though to transfer our family to a place where my DH (darling hubby) won’t have to fly a day-long commute to work. After 12 years of that kind of living arrangement we are happily walking into phase two of ‘See Nate Commute’, a 25 minute drive to the airport!


During our last trip, on the flight from Springfield to Chicago, I left my Art Journal on the plane.

It was full of lino cut images that I was turning into journal pages. I had it about 3/4 full of almost done pages like these, just waiting for the finishing journaling and doodling.

So if any of you see some of these faces ‘out there’ let me know! I’d so love to find this journal again.

The one nice thing is that because these pages all started with my lino cuts, I can use the same images to begin new pages. I still have all my hand carved stamps and will begin again. Just like our move, where we will begin a new chapter in our lives.  One we hope will bring us more family time with Nate home more often, less stress with him trying to commute a long distance to work, and with new opportunities for growth. It feels good to move somewhere where we already know some people and already have offers of help unloading on the other end of the move.

So you may not hear much from me in the next couple of weeks and now you know why:-)

Journey on…

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  2. Pam – I love following your move info and unpacking work you’ve done – nice new set up. But I am really intrigued by these lino stamps – is there a place you’d recommend to learn how to create these? They are really striking, and I may like to take one of my better portraits and turn them in to a stamp – thanks in advance! You still inspire me to do more!!! Even with my upcoming move to Cleveland!!! Kristin

  3. Welcome to Texas, Pam (& family)! I’m down here in South Texas, and it’s relatively cool, compared to what Big-D is facing right now. Hope you enjoy your sojourn in Dallas. The lino cuts are amazing. Gives me renewed energy to create some myself…..hope your book is found. Planning any classes in Houston, maybe San Antonio? Hmmmmmmm?

  4. excited to hear you are coming to my neck of the woods. best wishes on the move. i hope your journal somehow finds its way back to you or that whoever found cherishes it.

  5. Pam,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your journal. I either read an article or saw something on line about leaving art in places for someone to find, like on your seat at a restaurant, in a train station etc. In this case I think you were to leave a little note explaining that it was there for the taking, but I’m not sure. I wish I could remember more about it. It is something that I would like to do. Someone finding it could have thought that it was left on purpose, but that is probably doubtful since it was more than one page. It is good that you have the stamps and can start over. I am in your Artful Gathering workshop, and have only completed one page. Life just seems to get in the way of creating. But I’m looking forward to doing more soon. Best wishes for a smooth move.

  6. Hi Pam-I am so, so sorry to hear that your journal was lost and I sincerely hope that it is returned to you safely. Good luck with your new place-my husband and I have just moved one week ago to the most fabulous new apartment here in Dublin, California-we have views out all the windows to and wonderful hill across the way where we see wild turkeys (Moe, Curly and Larry) and also hawks and crows and coyotes. I know you’ll be happy too in your new place, which gives you a whole new ‘view’ on the world. May your journal be returned to you safely. Sandy Guderyon in Dublin, CA.

  7. How wonderful for your husband to be only a few mins. from work and for you to have more time together. So sad to hear about your journal. You would think anyone finding something like that would turn it in to the airline. The wonderful thing about being an artist is that what we once created we can create again. Good luck with the move!

  8. Oh Pam what a tragedy about your journal – but thank heavens for those lino cuts!

    Moving can be so stressful, so I hope it all goes well for you and that you all enjoy this new phase of your life in your new location.

  9. Oh cool…moving to Dallas…maybe we will be neighbors! LOL I live in the metroplex…hope you’ll be teaching locally some time! Good luck with the move!!!!!

  10. I cant imagine anyone finding something that cool and not trying to find out where the artist is!! Your work is so special, I really think it HAS to show up!! The artist community is by far an Honest group , and you are such a special mentor to all of us!
    *** REMINDER to SELF!! and perhaps others! ****
    Put your name on the last page!! And an email!!!

    Hugs for a wonderful move!
    Vanessa Johanning

  11. Good luck on your up coming move to Dallas, wishing you and your family a long and very happy new chapter in your lives. Who knows maybe one day someone will read this post and be able to return your journal to you.

  12. So sorry you lost your journal – but with your hand carved stamps at least it’s not a complete wash out. I left my jacket on an AA flight last year. Was never found. A few months later I saw on the morning news where an AA employee (in DFW where I lost my jacket) of something like 30 years was keeping lost items and arrested! I just knew he had my beautiful sequined jean jacket! LOL! Congratulations on the move – better for the whole family I’m sure.

  13. it is always exciting to start “anew”. good for all of you to be willing to do it. i believe that the universe has a way of looking out for us and making things fall into place perfectly when the time is right. good luck in your new adventures! i’ll be saying transitional prayers for you all!

  14. Good luck in your new home Pam. I lived in Ft. Worth and worked at DFW airport (Simuflight) for awhile and then onto the Shamrock building in Dallas. I absolutely loved Texas and I know you will too. So sorry to hear about your lost journal.

  15. Happy and easy move, Pam and the best of luck in your new home. It looked amazing from the little photos on your phone and a pool! You’re gonna love it.
    Big hugs,

  16. So sorry you lost your journal – I’ll be on the look out for your art if it pops up in any strange places. It’s good that you have the original stamps – they are beautiful! Congrats on the move to Dallas and the new beginnings there! Linda Harbin – MidwestieLady

  17. I hope that someone finds your journal and can return it to you. Anyone a bit familiar with the art journaling scene will see that it is Pam Carriker style and hopefully contact you. Have you tried contacting the airport or airline you flew with?
    Often they keep things found in planes or waiting rooms.
    Success with the move! New beginnings. Exiting!

  18. Congrats on the move! Now when you are in the DFW airport you won’t have to take out your journal to kill time – you’ll be home! Hope all goes well and one art journal is all you lose in the move! I’ll make some packing tape transfers tonight in your honor!

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