My Birthday Gift To You!

Wow! So fun to see so many sign up for a chance to win one of my DVD’s! I’m heading out for a day of birthday fun so que the drumroll while I go to the random number generator and see who these DVD’s are being sent to!
Number 127 Lisa Cousineau
Number 15 Canace
Congratulations ladies! If you will please email your mailing addresses to I will ship these out when I get home in a few days!
Thank you everyone for the great comments on art journaling!

4 responses

  1. Congrats to the winners ! I just started journaling…and what I love about it is experimenting with different textures and different materials ! Love that liquid pencil, Pam…where will I be able to buy that ???

    Paula Gremour/ri

  2. I love your work, you make it look easy and free flowing. i want to feel the same freedom to use the different media. your choice of colors give the feeling of a lightness that I want to follow. thanks for your help.

  3. I love watching you create art. You make it look so easy! I am a visual learner and it is so helpful watching someone. Thanks.

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