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  1. When you click on the link it says “work hard play hard” “busy updating site” or something like that. Doesn’t show you anything. And I have my stamps!

  2. These stamps are SO cool!! Is the erasable pencil ink going to be available soon?
    When is your class going to be available on Crescendoh? Do you ever come out to the Chicago area to teach???

  3. Pam I love everything you do. I have seen all your vids on YT, purchased your book and followed the Strathmore workshop. Oredering the stamps tosay and hope to be able to take your class on using them. Thank you for the inspiration and art you have given me.

  4. I was wondering how to use these…brilliant! Wish I were able to take the workshop. I’m hoping to take your class at Artful Gathering (and I don’t even know what it is! I just love everything you do!)

  5. Hi Pam,

    I can’t get to this…The screen where I have to click the arrow to begin the video-doesn’t open up after clicking. Just see a message that says “done”….
    Looking forward to being able to open this!

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