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Let’s try this, back to my old font, which I love and trying to see if it comes through large enough to read:-) Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve been working on a new blog look as you can see. I think as your work evolves it’s important to have your website reflect your art and life. Even my studio is getting a mini redo. I’m in a purging the unnecessary frame of mind. The busier my life gets (and it’s very busy right now) the more I crave simplicity. I see beauty and peace in it.

I want my website to be easy to navigate, pretty in a simple, sketchy sort of way, and to reflect my minimalistic mood. I’ve done the same thing with my studio. For a long, long time, I was mainly a crafter/artist, now as I feel those roles switch in importance, I feel the need  for a real working studio and less of  a hobby type room. So I’ve de-stashed, getting rid of the unnecessary and I’m trying to make everything in there work in the best functioning way possible.

pcarriker face sketch stamps

Sketching on a regular basis is something I’ve been doing since 2008, It has become a form of self discipline that allows me to stay in touch with my creativity on a very simple level. It comforts me and is something I can do with just two basic tools; pencil and paper. I can do it anywhere, on any paper, with any pencil. It’s doable. The more my art life goes in new directions that are less about creating a piece and listing it for sale, the more I need this daily discipline. I’ve started to turn some of my sketches into rubber stamps to use in my upcoming workshops. As I move to more live teaching venues than online workshops, I find that I want to use my own materials as much as possible, so I’ve had stamps and stencils made just for this purpose.

CCF03012011_00001 Some have been asking about a tutorial showing how to use my new Portrait Sketch Stamps and I’ll be working one up this week to post here. These stamps were created to use in my only new online workshop for 2011 so stay tuned for that as it will show many, many ways to use these stamps to learn portraits and create awesome journal pages in the process!

I’ll be tweaking the new ‘look’ on my blog over the next couple of weeks so if you notice anything amiss drop me a note-it’ll be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I just purchased your “Small” set of face stamps (and can’t wait to receive them!) – the product description didn’t mention the size of each stamp (???) but I’m hoping they’ll work in my visual art journals:) Can’t wait for your tutorial! Hugs, Maggie

  2. I must say – design is not simple…it’s more like you want to have “art look” …hard to read (terrible font, especially for links and “messy” of diferent fonts for subheadings on the right column), all that tired eyes…body of the page is not width enough (two column today isn’t “in” in blog design), it’s a lot of empty space on the left and right side – and a lot of scrolling if you want to read one or two posts……
    Bad choice…but – contents and art work are amazing 🙂

    • Hi Anika,
      I appreciate your taking time to leave a comment.
      Actually all of the fonts are the same as I had before. I changed the backgrounds to be light, and clean, so they enhance the artwork but don’t detract from it. I do want an artsy feel, it is an extension of my journal in a way. I’m still tweaking and hope to have things readable and enjoyable by all.

  3. I like the font style but the color is too light for my eyes to read. When I look at the Somerset magazines some of there font colors are hard for me to read…it seems anything lighter than brown is hard for me but I do have eye problems so I may be in the minority!

  4. I’m finding the font hard to read. It’s too small and too light in color. The sidebar isn’t easy to read either. I agree with another person who said it looks blurry. I think it could also be darker.
    The simple blog look is great though. Thanks for asking for feedback.

    • I agree too-I’m waiting to hear from customer support on how to change it to make it larger and darker. Thanks so much everyone for the feedback-so appreciated!! xoxo

  5. Hi Pam-thank you for asking for feedback. I think this font is a bit small to read and also the sidebar printing re Twitter and Facebook appears blurry. I too would love to see your reorganized studio. We can always use the inspiration! Thank you for sharing with us! Sandy in California

  6. Kudos to you…I look forward to your work everyday for inspiration….I am trying to draw everyday, I am not always so successful.
    Thanks Pam

  7. Hi Pam,

    It is easier for me to read when you use your old favorite font-the one used on this, your second post.
    The other is very pretty, but more difficult to read.

    I’ve thought and thought but I don’t know what DE stands for! Would appreciate someone enlightening me.
    Any chance you will share photos of your studio’s new look?
    Have a great day!!

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