When Life Gets You Down

Put on a tutu!

In your favorite color, Cobalt Teal for me!

It’s hard not to feel better when you wear a tutu! We all have those days when we need to twirl and feel girlie and just lighten up a bit! Yesterday was one of those days where I was feeling kind of beat down. But I know that even though I can’t please everyone, I can strive to be true to myself and to do the best job I can.

Do you need a tutu day? Check out Carrie Clayden’s awesome website and see who else wears a tutu!


Thank you Carrie for sending me this fun present, it’s the perfect thing to get me out of my funk!

On a more serious note, I invite you to read my Art Saves story and see the daily links this week on Crescendoh

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  1. Pam – I just love the little laddered table you have for your supplies – where did you get that – or is it still available in the world? I’ts perfect!

  2. ok, this post just made my day!!! i need to get me one of those for sure. where did you find it? only problem, if i buy one for myself, i have to get two more for both of my girls. every girl needs a tutu! thanks for the smile!

  3. I enjoyed this post, since my two little girls had me pull out their tutus two days ago, and they’ve been wearing them around–to play in the yard, put together puzzles, race through the house. There’s nothing like little girls in tutus to put a smile on your face–except maybe MEN in tutus (I loved the link you provided!). I guess maybe I ought to get my hands on a tutu for myself now!

  4. Carrie ordered one for me in RED! I can’t wait… I’m going to be wearing it during my upcoming class at her studio! She is so much fun and the fact that she gets so many people to wear tutus – even cliff divers! – makes you want to join in on the fun!

    Hope your day is brighter, dear Pam (((hugs)))

  5. I’ve a soft spot for turquoise too. Let’s all join together and dance in the sunshine, now where did I put my tutu.
    Thanks for brightening my funk day too.

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