Day 12-Book Blog Tour

I am so happy to announce the next stop on the Blog Tour- my friend Laurie Blau-Marshall. Laurie and I have known each other for um, 34 years-egads! I swear it doesn’t seem possible!

But there are pictures to prove it, now don’t laugh, remember this was a loooooong time ago….

Homecoming circa 1979-remember Gunne Sax dresses (if you don’t just pretend so we don’t feel old ok?) well now you can get ‘Vintage Gunne Sax’ dresses on Etsy.

Laurie and I lived right across the street from each other and shared many things, clothes, makeup, school locker, and a love for doodling and making things pretty.

Here are some pages I still have from then, I now think of them as the first art journal pages

Many years went by and we had lost touch with each other, but 2007 found us both chosen for the same ZNE Design team! I actually still get goosebumps when I remember the feeling of realizing that Laurie Blau-Marshall was THE Laurie Blau!! Thank goodness for the hyphen or it may have taken us a  lot longer!

This was taken when we finally met up again a few years back. Art brought us back together and Laurie was the first one to tell me about an awesome magazine called ‘Cloth Paper Scissors’.  I’m so happy that we found each other again and that she agreed to participate in the book.

Blog Tour Schedule

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Suzan Buckner

Sue Pelletier

All Norah’s Art

Lisa Kettell

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Chrysti Hydeck

Lisa Bebi

Jodi Ohl

Laurie Blau-Marshall

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Paulette Insall


Julie Bergman


Gail Schmidt


5 responses

  1. Just had my own Gunne Sax dress out the other day. My 21 year old tried it on…my girls think it’s weird that my prom dresses had sleeves!

    Love the pics!

  2. I found you through Kelly Lish. I am so happy to find your lovely blog. And your blog hop as I call them. Your work is beautiful and I am proud to say I have in my studio library your book.. Art at the Speed of Life. I love it and such a treasure. Grabbing a button for my blog. You inspire me !!! Hugs.. Kristy

  3. have nice to have kept pages of your doodles I wish I had thought of doing that way back in the cave man days when we first got pencils (lol) I am loving your blog tour and meeting artists that are new to me. Love the book, and have been thinking of tackling some projects

  4. LOVE, Love your prom photos..should include somewhere in your next book.( of course also mad about your current book. A real Winner, Congrats! )

  5. What a wonderful story Pam. I had plenty of those dresses. We use to wear them to school. So funny. Are you physically going to all those places for the book tour? Congrats on your book.

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