Day 9-Book Blog Tour

The next stop on the Tour is Chrysti Hydeck!

I’ve known Chrysti since my early days of mixed media when we were both members of ZNE, an online mixed media group. I knew ‘of’ her before I ‘knew’ her and was in awe of not only her talent, but her whole outlook on her artistic life. She amazes me continually with her strength and the way she turns what could be negative into positive.

When she wrote her essay for my book, I read it and then immediately showed it to my husband (who is an aspiring writer, having written a novel and with two more in the works-know any good agents???) He read it and was thoroughly impressed! Since that time the tweets fly between them, and me when I remember to sign in, (I’m the worlds worst tweeter) and we are all looking forward to a time when the four (Chrysti and her significant other, Nate and I) can hang out and talk creative stuff!

Chrysti knew about my book before it was a book. And graciously agreed to be part of it. She cheered me on, offered advice, and listened when I needed an ear. There’s a word for that….FRIEND!

Back in 2008 Chrysti interviewed me on her website INTERVIEW and one of the questions was

“What’s one artistic skill you’d like to cultivate in the coming year?

“I have been concentrating on sketching in my journal.  I love collage, but want to develop my drawing skills further.”

I’m always happy when I can look back and I’ve publicly stated a goal and then actually acted on it. That’s the thing with putting it out there-you’re accountable!!

On another note:

Here’s a pic of my first Book Signing yesterday at Barnes & Noble!


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