Day 2- Book Blog Tour

Live BIG! Next stop Suzi Blu!

That’s Suzi Blu to a ‘T’. She’s infectious over the internet and even more so in person. You can’t help but think all things are possible when you are around her!

The first time I met Suzi in person was a total surprise! She walked into a workshop I was teaching in CA, neither one of us knew the other one was there. I was in the back washing out brushes and I hear her voice saying “I know this journal, who’s teaching this workshop”? After squealing and hugging we got down to the business of discussing the different types of journals, papers, pros and cons of each and other art related stuff. That’s how it is when artists meet. There’s an instant connection and you just start talking art!

I was lucky to be able to meet up with her again at CHA. Again the first thing we did was pull out our journals to look at each other’s!

Doesn’t matter that we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years, art connects us, the web keeps us in touch on a regular basis. The world of art is both big and small.

Pictured here: Lisa Bergmann, Suzi Blu, Jenn Mason, Me, Lisa Kettell

Here’s this complete list of stops on the Tour

Art at the Speed of Life Blog Tour

Jenny Doh

Suzi Blu

Seth Apter

Suzan Buckner

Sue Pelletier

All Norah’s Art

Lisa Kettell

Nancy Lefko

Chrysti Hydeck

Lisa Bebi

Jodi Ohl

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Dawn Edmonson

Paulette Insall

March 15

Julie Bergman


Gail Schmidt

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  1. Dear Pam, I just got your book in the mail and I just love it. I am 60 years old and you have inspired me not to give up and don’t let fear hold me back. All too often we do what we “think” others expect of us. It took me a long time to get over that. Your book will surely help.
    Big Hugs, Chris

  2. Dear Pam, I am loving this blog tour…what a perfect way to promote the crazy arty gooodness in your book and highlight all your amazing artistic contributors.
    You did such a great job choosing the creatives for your book, but I must add that Suzi is dear to me and has been a favorite of mine for years… I’m so happy she is in your book!!


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