On Living Art at the Speed of Life

I hope you all enjoyed your day of love yesterday! For my heart and I, we celebrate on the 17th- Our Valentines Day. This is in honor of the first one we spent together 12 years ago, when he was flying over February 14th and we celebrated on the 17th. That was the day he asked me to marry him. I love our story because to me this was the start of our promise to be together forever and as such even a bit more special than our wedding day which sealed the deal. Surrounded by 144 roses that he placed in the Victorian turned restaurant over looking Puget Sound, he asked proposed and every year since we renew that commitment.

If you are wondering why we are wearing  jeans at a nice restaurant, I had spent the day teaching pre school and he didn’t want me to know we were doing anything special so he picked me up dressed the same way so I wouldn’t guess what he had planned-sweet huh?

It’s key to being successful at anything, whether marriage, or even creative pursuits, to renew your commitments every so often. It helps reaffirm the direction we are heading and to make sure we stay on the course we want or even to make adjustments and head in a new direction.

Yesterday my interview with Lesley Riley aired and I was able to share thoughts about my book and more importantly about living Art at the Speed of Life. To hear it you can click HERE and even leave a comment if you wish. I’d love it if you took a few moments to listen and hopefully feel energized to renew your commitments and begin living art at the speed of life~

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