Eat, Pray, Art

Paris for the most part consisted of these three things.We ate, we made art, and boy did we pray. We lit candles in just about every church we came to. Life has a way of changing your plans, and while we were still able to go to Paris as scheduled, it wasn’t without being torn nearly in two by an illness in my family.

We all go through things like that in our lives. What I learned from this experience is this: live each day and do the tasks that day presents. You can’t continually worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of it’s self. That is how I got through this moment in my life. I tried really hard to immerse myself in the moment at hand and give what I had no control over to God. Whatever your beliefs it is good solid advice. You can only do your best and there comes that point that what’s going to happen will happen no matter what you do.

So I will continue to try and balance life, art, and prayer as I continue on the journey. Embrace each day and look for the good that is evident in big or small ways. It’s there.

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