Preparations for Paris

I’m just back from a trip to see my family and now with only two days left to pack for Paris, my house is a flurry of activity. Laundry is being done, mail being stopped, emails being answered, arrangements to have our pets looked after, packing, packing and packing.

I was so excited to be able to share my book with my family and I’ll be packing that as well for the workshop attendees to get a first peek at it!

All of these exciting things have been put into a new perspective by the events of the past couple of weeks and as exciting as they are, the anticipation of Christmas, the trip of a lifetime, the unveiling of a book two years in the making, I realize the truly important blessing is simply being healthy. Something that is easily taken for granted.

So my wish for you this Christmas, family and friends, is for good health in the New Year. It will be the prayer uttered from my lips as we ring the New Year in in the glow of the lights from the Eiffel Tower.

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  2. Hi Pam, I adore your work. Your sidebar pic banner that says “Journaling with Me 365” doesn’t have info with it, just the badge. I’ve searched and clicked and I can’t find that class or text about your journaling. What am I doing wrong? I am signed up for your Strathmore class. I so want to learn many things from you.

    Thank you so much!

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