Page Du Jour #30

I did it!!! Creating and posting every day for a month!! What did I gain from this? My muse is working overtime and I feel creatively rejuvenated. I have the materials for two new workshops ready. I have a 9×12 art journal almost full of new art that I will use and reuse for several upcoming projects. I have a new and exciting offer in the art journaling arena that is in the works. And, best of all, I feel like my work has grown and have a record of that growth.

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  1. Pam I’m so impressed with your month of artwork. So many different faces, costumes, and comments. I didn’t want November to end…. Can’t wait to see what’s new in the journaling area.

  2. Hi Pam and congratulations to you! I am fairly new to your community and I’m really learning a lot from you in these daily posts and your web site, too. I’m enrolled for the Strathmore journal class that begins in January and I look forward to learning even more, as I am a novice in the art journaling field. I host a monthly collage group and we are doing traveling journals as well this year. Receiving your daily posts has inspired me to sit down with my art more often and to try some of the things you’re doing.Thank you for the inspiration and many congratulations on the new things you have attracted in your own life. Well-deserved!
    Sandy in California

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