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  1. I just love all your faces, and wish I could make even one look half way reasonable. Mine all look the same—-deformed. I can’t draw animals either.
    These period type ones are fabulous.

  2. I look forward to your Art coming up in my email each day but we all need encouragement don’t we. No matter how confident you appear to others..we all need to be told..hey you are great or amazing or doing wellx keep going LOVE your workxxlynda

    • That’s so right Lynda, I think as artists in general we feel a tad vulnerable putting our work out there and getting feedback that it somehow made someone smile or touched them in some way, makes it totally worth any risk. Thanks so much for taking time to comment:-)

  3. So I pre-ordered your book a month ago, and I just can’t wait until it releases! In the mean time…love coming here daily to get inspired!
    Hoping to get to a retreat next year with you, possibly the Art Is…

    Thanks so much! Just love your work!

    • Woo-hoo! I am so anxiously awaiting the moment it hits the shelves. You work and work and work some more and then the waiting begins…it takes a long time to birth a book-lol! It would be awesome to see you at a retreat! I’m going to be doing several next year so stay tuned for more hopefully in the future.

  4. Pam these are just so amazing! I look forward to this email every day now! Why don’t you teach a page de Jour class? It would force us to do some art every day – even it we do one face in two days? I know I would be the first to sign up!!!

    • Funny you should say that, because I am going to teach a Renaissance Women class at Art and Soul in VA next April:-) I won’t be teaching it online, only in a live venue for now.
      Journal 365 focuses on being creative everyday, that’s about as close as I have to offer right now:-)

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