Page Du Jour #13

Still creating every day, how about you? Though not ‘officially’ participating in the ‘Art Every Day’ events going on right now, I do create every day. Sometimes it’s just something small, and it’s usually in my journal, but it could even just be a napkin sketch, it doesn’t matter what form it takes, the act of being creative has an effect on you. Creativity begets creativity. The more you exercise your right to be creative every day, the more creativity bubbles up inside of you. So if you don’t think you have the time, just start simple, sketch something while you drink your morning cup of coffee, color the kiddie placemat when you’re out for dinner, tear some images from a magazine to use for collage materials, do something, anything, ever day!

This face took under 10 minutes to do! I sketched it and then used dauber bottles to ‘paint’ it. Fast, easy, fun!! Dauber bottles were again used to fill in the color on the rest of the page, and I used a brush to move the paint around. Paint pens, stamps, and other assorted pens finished it off.

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