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When I was asked to contribute to this publication, my new wordpress blog was just up and running. It was hard to leave my old blog and it’s many followers behind and just like starting anything anew, it takes time to build it. Life is about change though and I don’t regret that I had to lose something to make something better. I love having everything in one place and with the help of my artist friend Orly and her talented son, I was able to come up with a look that I love and that reflects my love of journaling.

Journaling helps you to visualize what you want to do. This page was created while playing with ideas for my book. There are many pages in many different journals, with notes and sketches documenting the progress from the original idea, my book getting picked up, and the joys and the stresses of being a first time author. Art journaling helped my to cope and figure things out, one page at a time.

Blogging is about discovering your inner voice, finding your own path, experiencing growth, and sharing what you learn with others. It makes us both vulnerable and strong at the same time.

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