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Somerset Apprentice Autumn 2010 'Taking on Texture'

The latest issue of Somerset Apprentice arrived in my mailbox! I love being part of this publication because it focuses on providing simple instructions for creating many of the mixed-media and paper work seen in Somerset Studio. I feel a kinship to this magazine having contributed to each issue since it’s release.

Sharing techniques is not just something ‘nice’ to do, it’s really our job as artists. Art is a movement, it doesn’t just sit still but moves in new directions, constantly redefining itself , constantly moving. I heard somewhere that there are no new techniques, just the same things being used in new ways. That’s an interesting way to look at things. It helps us to see that ‘we’ are just vessels that the techniques flow through and what comes out from our hand has its own unique look to it because we each bring our own muse to the table.

It’s important to learn to love your own Art for what it is and not get caught up in comparing it to other people’s work. Learn techniques from whatever sources you have access to and make art, embracing what you create. Then turn around and share with those who follow you and together we all will move art along its journey through our time. Years from now people will look back on what we’re creating and decide what to label our time with Art, so let’s keep moving and sharing and taking our Art to the next level!

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