Isn’t Life Grand?

August is turning into one awesomely crazy month! I started a ‘Grand’ adventure on August 4th with the arrival of my first grandchild! Little Ryan Jeremiah is just the sweetest little thing. I know I’m prejudiced, but look, isn’t he adorable?!!

So, while I don’t feel grandmotherly in the age sense, I’m totally on board in every other way! It’s hard to express the immediate love you can feel for a baby you didn’t give birth to, but let me tell you, it’s there!

So congratulations to my son Christopher, his lovely wife Joyce on the arrival of their son, my precious grandson.

We also adopted a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier that we named Relay. He is a birthday present for my 9 year old and completely (to the point of obsession) devoted to him.

Art continues to be a ‘Grand’ adventure as well. Just when I think I have things all figured out and maybe a little down time, more fun things present themselves! August was supposed to be a relatively easy month but some new exciting projects came my way the past couple of weeks and it’s now just as jam-packed as ever-lol! It truly amazes me how life unfolds if you are open to possibility. For now I will get back to working on these new projects and the ones already on my plate and when the time is right I’ll get to share the fun with you.

For now look for more baby pics, and I have articles coming out in Somerset Studios Sept/Oct, Somerset Apprentice and Somerset Workshop. Back to the studio for me…

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