Brushes for Michelle

Hi Art Friends
I’ve been trying to think of some way to let my friend Michelle know we are thinking about her during this devastating time of losing her 26 year old son in an accident. She is a wonderful artist, well known in her area of Australia and is very passionate about her art. She’s had a very trying year with a sick husband, supporting her family solely with her art, and now this on top of all that is unbearable. I’d like to ask you to do a small thing that will be a big comfort to her in the hard days ahead. If you could take an old paintbrush and put a word or two of comfort on it and send it to the address below I’d greatly appreciate it and I know she would.

By each of us doing this small thing she can receive these words of comfort and gather them close to her in her studio. Art does save and it will help her as she deals with what lays ahead. I know those of us that have children can feel for a mom going through this even if we don’t know them. Thank you for taking a moment to uplift a fellow artist in another part of the world.

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