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I love to recycle bits and pieces from past journal pages to create new ones. It’s a great way to extend your art and by using your own artwork you end up with pages that are totally you. This is a sample page from my Journal 365 online workshop. It’s created on 9 x 12 watercolor paper in a hand-bound journal. Being creative everyday, whether completing a journal page or just adding a little more to an existing page, keeps you in a creative state of being. Be Creative!

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  1. Your pages are always so interesting to look at because there is so much going on. On the surface, the images are pretty to look at, but I always end up getting absorbed in examining the details. There is so much depth I can easily spend 10 minutes or more just trying to decide how you achieved the effect.

    I love your articles in Art Journaling magazine. It’s great to get that extra insight into your process.

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