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It’s been an honor to have had my journals in every issue of Stampington’s Art Journaling from the very beginning.  Journaling is the one form of art that I do no matter how busy my life gets. In the midst of my oldest son deploying, editing my book, and a jam-packed art life,  it’s even more important to me as it’s the one creative outlet right now that’s just for me.  No deadline, no restrictions, pure, creative fun! If you’ve never tried journaling before I encourage you to pick up the latest issue of Art Journaling available for pre-order, it hits the stands July 1st!

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  1. Hi Pam, you may not knowt but I have been following you for a while. I just came over to your site to see the new issue of Art Journalling. I AM IN IT TOO!! I haven’t yet received my advance copy but I can’t wait. What a thrill to share the pages of this great mag with you. I’ll be back over and over again!

    Cathy b

  2. Taking a peek at your blog, I like how you do your journals….mine are sketches but I write them to my husband and then give them to him when I am done so I am wanting to try more techniques to make them more fun for him. they are a combination of many things but I do them to journal trips, places we go, etc and I write my thoughts and sometimes vent in them, I jot notes and thoughts and painting ideas, then when they are full, they are given to my hubby. I do it I guess because his first wife passed away from breast cancer, so I figured if anything ever happened to me, he could always go back to them to know how much I adore him

  3. The last issue was the first copy of Art Journaling that I picked up and I absolutely loved it. I will definitely be picking up this issue and congratulations on having your work featured in such a fantastic publication. Looking forward to what this issue brings.

  4. What a beautiful cover! I cannot wait to get this issue. You are just everywhere anymore and it is so fabulous. I am so thrilled for you and all of your successes. You are such an inspiration and of course I just LOVE your art!! Oh, and I saw your studio in the latest copy of Where Women Create. I believe you said one of your son’s had taken the pictures for you right?
    Wonderful things happening for you!!

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