What a crazy week! My son came and went for his last visit before being deployed.  As I wrestled with coming to grips with this, I was presented with a couple of new art opportunities, some exciting art news, and my book is in the midst of being edited.  Add to this finishing an article , working on the next installment of my online workshop, doing an interview with Carmen Torbus, conferences at school, end of the school year activities, two family graduations, and you get a somewhat frazzled look into my life this week. And you know what? As frazzled as I feel right now, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Life is good. Busy but good.

My husband told me to breathe and live your book. He’s right. this is exactly what Living Art at the Speed of Life is all about.


So I just found out that I can share one of my new ventures with you! Strathmore has come out with a line of really awesome Visual Journals and they’ve asked me to do a series of instructional videos for them!  More on this later…

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