Set Free

I struggle daily with my mother’s heart as I watch my two oldest boys, one already off on his own and one making his plans to leave  home and begin life on his own. The outward me tries to encourage them to spread their wings and embrace their independence, but on the inside I have to work at this while my heart clings to the image of the little boys that still needed their mom for everything.

‘Set Free’ shows the stepping stones that have been laid with their time at home that lead to the door of independence and the world outside of these four walls. The door is mirrored by a similar shaped hole in my heart.

This is my latest work available in my etsy shop

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  1. There is a wonderful feel to this piece and the emotion of a mother struggling with letting go. I feel like that is just around the corner for me – though it is actually years away – but something that will entire my mind from time to time. Healthy that you are expressing your emotions through your wonderful art. Thank you for sharing, I’ve enjoyed my visit. 😉

  2. I think that no matter the stage in life we tend to paint it, some sing about it, some write about it, it is just thre in the foremost thoughs. We out and about our daily tasks we will always turn when someone calls “MOM” as we did that for so long. My husband and I have a lot more longer conversations now, even think or say I had no idea you thought that or that happened.

    I do remember a very young daughter telling me that some moms baked cookies as the children arrived home from school ,but her mother was painting.

    Thank you for the visit I will visit again

  3. Pam, I am missing your daily posts…. have you been traveling, sick, or taking a break???? Missing your inspiration….

  4. Hi Pam, I can certainly sympathize with your mixed feelings over your sons’ growing up. My son just got his first ‘real job’ since finishing college, and moved to another state, some 10 hours away! I’m so happy for him, but can’t seem to stop crying. Your painting touches my heart.

  5. Hi Pam,
    I am a new follower to you and your life work – and have registered to take your course coming up in April, Journal 365. I am very eager to be part of that! I just wanted to offer my thoughts and empathy on your emotions surrounding your boys growing up and growing out of the home. I came to motherhood very late in life – I was 49 when we adopted our daughter nearly 4 years ago. She’s our only child and she started reception (kindergarten) here in the UK in September and it gave me an ever-so-little glimpse into what it must certainly feel like when children grow up and venture out into their own lives. So while our family timeline is a bit different, I think I can understand some of the emotions you are sitting with. And I wish you some peace while you navigate this chapter in your life. I am looking foward to connecting a bit more during the upcoming course! (And P.S. I am also looking to design a new blog as the one I currently use is devoted to our family life, and I want to end that one now – it seems the right time – and give some new life to a blog that can be my catalyst for my creative work, so I am interested in your decision with WordPress.)

  6. Love this piece. I am different in thinking that letting go is necessary. I think things just shift when you have an older child..mind is 22 now. We are shifting…bending around each other…moving in and out. The sadness/joy of things changing was beautifully captured in this piece.

  7. A very evocative painting, I know how you feel, and you are so lucky to be able to paint your feelings. Try as I might, I cannot draw people, but just love all your art work

  8. Letting go is hard but necessary especially with boys (men). But, what is the alternative?
    Hang tough, close your eyes and breathe. There will be a time when you will look back at this time and remember it with fondness. It’s a mother’s privilege and their job to worry after all.
    Great painting and meaningful.

  9. Somewhere along my creative path I picked up following your blog and I just wanted to say as a fellow mom (my kids are still little) I understand the bittersweetness your painting represents. While I’m not as close to the stage you are in now, my littlest will be starting pre-k in the fall. I have mixed feelings because I do desperately need the break but it’s a stepping stone I can’t believe is already fast approaching. Anyway, I thought it was a beautiful painting and lovely words to describe your feelings. Keep painting…it’s therapy!

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