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I don’t do a lot of family posting because this is primarily my art site, but I just had to share a few pics from my oldest sons NCO graduation!

As a mom you worry, hope, dream, and countless other emotions for your children to become happy adults pursuing their dreams. Things aren’t always smooth sailing and your heart aches for them when things don’t go as planned.

When my son entered the military a little over a year ago, he wanted to be in the Infantry, but due to a hip fracture during Basic Training his dream had to be put on hold and he was lead down a different path than the one he originally set out on. While the mom in me was relieved that he had a ‘safe’ job, it was hard to see him settle for something less than he signed on for.

But, my son did not give up his dream. He’s worked hard and now has found a different path that will hopefully lead him to his original goal. He just finished his leadership training as one more step towards that goal.

I was so proud to see him standing tall, happy with himself, taking charge of his destiny, and planning his life. He could have just settled, but he fought back and I’ve watched him turn into a man right before my vary eyes.

Seeing him with his peers and all that they sacrifice and the pride with which they do it, should make us all proud as Americans. These young men and women give up much to serve our country and I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t think the honors all theirs.

So go hug soldier, I hugged mine:-)

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