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It’s so much fun to Share Art! Especially when you find some cool new product. I recently heard about something cool from all of the Face Book chatter filtering in from CHA, Tulip Paint Cannons.

I had to find out more so I took my Michael’s coupon and headed out before the impending snowstorm left me housebound.

Now, when I go to Michaels I never go over to the isle where these little babies hang out so I had to ask where they were. They’re over by the T-shirt paints and had I not been intrigued with the idea of being able to use paint like a spray paint, I might have overlooked them. Then I found the Graffiti line of stencils… ok, now I was even more excited! Stencils usually make me think of old fashioned crafting and they’re usually kind of boring. Not these! Very edgy and cool just like the name implies.

So I picked up some Paint Cannons, and stencils and headed home to try them out.
I used my fluid Golden paints in them, with a little water, pumped them up and voila, spray paint effect with no fumes!!!

All of these journal pages were created in about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Gotta love that! I used a watercolor notebook and the pages stayed nice and flat and absorbed the paint nicely.
when I posted the pics on FB, people started asking for a tutorial so I did a quick little video showing this page from start to finish.

You can check out the video here,

And here are the Dauber Bottles that everyone asks about.

The lovely people over at ILOVETOCREATE saw the video and are sending me some more products to try! How nice is that? I promise to share some more techniques with you all when I get them. Please leave a link if you try these so we can all see what you create!

And don’t forget to Share Art!

More sharing coming in the near future so stay tuned…

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  1. Hi Pam, love these pages they are really fun. In your instructions you say you use –
    1 part paint – are you talking about fluid acrylic or heavy body?
    2 parts water
    1 part glazing medium – Is this the Golden Glazing liquid gloss, or satin, or something different altogether?

    It’s really useful to have a good glaze recipe 🙂

    • Hi Gill! I use goldens fluid acrylics and satin glazing liquid. The measurements are approximate, so vary them according to the way you like them. I like see through color.
      have fun:-)

  2. Thanks for sharing this "new" item. I've never heard of these Tulip Paint Cannons. I enjoyed your video and learned something new.

  3. Great video Pam. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to post it on the IR yahoo group and IR members.I will also be taking your year long class. Very cool idea.xxoo

  4. Hi Pam!!! Love these products! Here is a link to my blog, showing my results!! The first of many, I am surehttp://mystudio13.blogspot.comThanks!!!Carrie Todd

  5. Oh Pam these are wonderful!!! LOVE each and everyone of them! Off to see the video now. Of course us poor folks here in the UK have no Michaels to go to, but hey, I am so lucky I'm visiting a friend in the US in just 3 weeks, so I will be able to go and check them out. Thank you so much for sharing and providing so much inspiration!!!

  6. Thanks for doing a video. You make everything look so easy. I can't believe I've already gone through my $50 Michael's gift card 🙁 I really like the sprayer thingy!

  7. Love this…what a great way to use all the paints I already have without the "fumes"…I've also heard about heating up the Golden paints, especially the "quinacridone" colors and "reds" which have large amounts of pigments and metals. Thanks for sharing and making the video :}

  8. Oh Pam what a wonderfully fun product. I do believe I will get my Micheals coupon out of the Sunday paper and march my hinney right down there and check these out! They look FABULOUS!!! Thanks for the great info and as always LOVE the art!XXXBecky

  9. Great post! Very imformative. There are soooo many great products at Michaels, and I see more every day. (I'm working part time there)

  10. Loved your video….and I have to get those dauber bottles :)I use a large desk calendar blotter on my art desk too….isn't it great?Thanks for the great tutorial and kudos on getting more goodies from the manufacturer to play with 🙂

  11. Thanks for the info and cautions Regina! Always good to be on the safe side. I'm so glad to find a product that you can spray with no fumes-woo-hoo!

  12. Hi Pam,Great post! I don't think I would have ever given those stencils a second look, but you really showed how to take them up a few notches on your video.I do have one caution about anytime you spray paint. You are putting pigments into the air, so it's a good idea to use a mask.I also noticed that you are using a heat gun to quickly dry paint. I was at a Golden workshop last year & we were cautioned to not use heat guns as it can release toxins when the surface heats up.That being said, I love this new product and will be looking for it to try on my art. Just today I was working on a painting that I thought could use some air brush effects, but that's not available to me. This will be a great substitute.

  13. Loved you video Pam!!! And those Paint Cannons look like so much fun. I must give them a try! And the stencils are the coolest!HugsSueAnn

  14. Thanks so much for sharing Pam! As I commented on your super cool vid, the paint cannons really remind me of the Misto Olive Oil Sprayers that one can find in home-ware stores/Walmart/etc… I wonder if they would work or if the nozzle would get clogged…hmmm… I may try it if it takes too long for me to get my hands on the Tulip Paint Cannons. I hope you keep up with the vids because they are wonderful!

  15. Pam, I loved your video using the new TULIP PAINT CANNONS….very cool… I wonder if you could do the same thing with the GLIMMER MISTS and their screens… or any stencils for that matter? I have some of those already and might see what I can do with that in my journal. What do you think??? We're snowed in here in NC… a good activity for a snowy day…

  16. Love this posts and stencils. Will definitely check the tencil aisle at out Michael's next time. Dina Wakley uses lots of stencils in her art journaling, and there's a book called Stencil 101 by Ed somebody that's very cool.Rinda

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