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This week registration will open for my new 2010 online workshop!

Journal 365
with Pam Carriker

A year-long event in visual journaling, this workshop is the perfect way to make art an every day occurrence. Not just a class but a way of living creatively all year long! Every month a new class will be posted with techniques and journal prompts to use for that month. We’ll share, encourage, and inspire each other as we make our own journals along the way, adding a signature of favorite paper to them each month. Watching our journals grow, sharing our passion for journaling with each other, through class participation together we’ll explore different types of journaling as we grow into our individual styles, revealing the true artist that lies within each of us. Every lesson will be complete, so the class can be joined at the beginning of any month, with the participant picking up at that point and adding the missing lessons on at the end. Revolving lessons, like a Ferris Wheel; it doesn’t matter when you get on, you’ll still get the full ride! All 365 days.

Class fee $120/12 lessons
Begins April 1st 2010

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  1. hi PamThanks very much for your very encouraging reply – I will watch out for the registration over the next few days. Kind regardsAli

  2. Hi Ali! I didn't see a way to contact you so I hope you see this. The wonderful thing about journaling is that it's for your own personal growth. You don't need to have any certain skills to start, you do it to develop your skills. I'm very excited about this class because it will be more interactive, we'll all be doing it at the same time. We can share with each other, inspire each other, and watch our growth over the course of a year. I teach techniques through journaling to give you tools to use in other work. I teach process, not product. There's no right way to journal, but learning techniques to use in your journaling and other work is one of the things you find journaling. It's a great habit to be in:-) I hope you'll join me on this adventure! Registration will be open shortly.xoxoPam

  3. Hi PamI have been reading your blog for a while now & admire your lovely work ! Your course sounds very interesting – I have started my own attempt at an art journal & I have done a few paint & ink & creative stuff courses here in the UK. But much as I would love to learn, I don't have any drawing experience – in fact I'd really love to learn but am too intimidated to pick up a pencil & have a go !! Your drawing skills are so beautiful, I'm worried I wouldn't be any good on your course if I can't draw ? I've floated the idea of signing up with my Darling Hubby but wouldn't want to spend the money & find I couldn't keep up ! What do you think ? Kind regardsAli in Wales

  4. wow! Now this might actually get me journaling. Have to tihnk about itBut 1st what is the secret to carving the time out an already busy day?

  5. Hey Jackie, this is a great way to experiment and find out all about mixed media! You'll learn a lot from the interaction with other artists and working in a journal to try out new techniques takes all the stress of producing perfect art away.Donna, I've missed it too but should be back to blogging more regularly soon:-)

  6. Am excited about the new journaling class! I've missed your almost daily blogging since your new book(very exciting). You are a constant inspiration to me. Keep rockin'.

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