The Flip Side of Sharing

As I wrote my last post about putting yourself ‘out there’ and sharing your art, I was feeling the warmth of acceptance and appreciation for doing so. On Christmas Eve the latest issue of CPS arrived and I quickly learned the sting that sometimes comes from being ‘out there’ in the form of a letter to the editor.

I will admit that it hurt. As artists we are very sensitive about our work, whether it be in the form of art or writing about art. This is what makes all of us fearful at times to share our creative side with others.

When I write an article sharing a new product or technique, I truly want to encourage, teach and share what I’ve learned to hopefully inspire and help others on their own journey which in turn inspires me to keep pushing ahead.

When I pick up a magazine I do so knowing that not every article will be ‘for me’ and still can appreciate the time and effort the person writing put into it. We don’t have to share, we want to and there wouldn’t be wonderful magazines if everyone was fearful of rejection and decided against sharing because their work may not please everyone.

I wasn’t going to address this issue, but I feel the need to be honest and if I’m going to talk about the positive aspects of sharing, I need to also address the sometimes negative aspects as well.

It has made me reflect on why I share and the need to continue on despite an occasional negative response.

I appreciate all of the support you all have given me and look forward to an art-filled New Year, sharing my journey, good and bad.

The new year will bring the birth of my first grand baby and my first book. These are the things that propel me forward and help me not to spend valuable time worrying over things that really aren’t important.

Bless you all in 2010!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I have bought several of the latest art magazines just because your article was in them! Your work is inspirational, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article in CPS. I always learn so much from you and am very thankful that you are so willing to "put yourself out there" for all of us. And if someone doesn't like your stuff, it only says one thing: they have poor taste.

  3. wow pam…i'm like you that i'm grateful for any sharing on any level and appreciate the person behind the story. we can't be "all things to all people". our worth is far greater than anyones good or bad opinion of us.

  4. Pam:I received that same issue of CPS this week, probably on the same day! For whatever it is worth, I was wounded on your behalf after reading that letter. In fact, I even pulled out the Nov/Dec issue of CPS, because the letter writer's summation of your article was not what I remembered. Upon re-reading the article, my opinion is the same as it was the first time: you gave a good introduction of the many ways to us liquid pencil in your opening paragraph and went into detail about how you used the liquid pencil in your particular piece. There were plenty of explanatory notes, also. Frankly, I'm not sure what more the letter writer wanted. Overall, I think that the person who wrote the letter was trying to be positive. Still, there was a kinder, gentler way to say she wanted more information on liquid pencil. Please rest assured that you have inspired many people. I still use your "Art at the Speed of Life" article as inspiration. Your liquid pencil article along with Serena Barton's wabi sabi article have been helpful to me as I try to figure out how to portray winter sunsets on paper. I've not lifted brush or brayer to paper yet, but I will be consulting both articles as I begin experimenting. Thank you so much for all of your sharing through your blogs and magazine articles.

  5. Pam,Never let a little negativity get you down for long. Remember, those that can, Teach…those that can't, Criticize!! I've taken your Visual Journaling class and regularly read your blog–your art is incredible as will be your book.Cathy

  6. I had to say one more thing here!I went back and read your article. I though it very informative!! In showing how you used the liquid pencils in your work gave an example of how to use them, and could easily be transferred to something else!!!Just my opinion! Happy New Year Pam!!Hugs!!!

  7. Pam, your work is just so inspiring and I always look forward to seeing it. Thanks for all that you do and Happy New Year to you and your family.Cheers

  8. Hi Pam, ya know you can't please everyone 100% of the time. Sharing your techniques and your journey have taught and encouraged more than not!! And that's the truth!!! :)Wishing you a blessed New Year!!!

  9. Hi Pam, I haven't read that issue yet but I agree with what everyone else said here, I've always loved your art! It's all in a day's work though yes? look how far you've come (and where you're heading) plus the many of us you've inspired!! I'm reminded of that Dr. Seuss quote I pinned to my inspiration board some time ago:"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."Happy New Year sweet girl! xo

  10. Pam, I haven't seen the article but if it says anything negative about your artwork, well…let's just say this person has to be a negative person from the start! You do absolutely AMAZING artwork and are such an inspiration to all of us who are soooooo inspired by what you do and crave to see more. We love ya Pam and keep doing what you do!!! Happy New Year to you and yours…Hugs,DebbieK.

  11. WEll Sweetie, I haven't see the maggie yet but I say ditto to everythign everyone else has said. As artists we are tender when we put ourselves before the world, I've learned I'm not going to make everyone happy and those I don't, I ignore.:-) LOL You know how muchI think you rock my friend.xoxoGail

  12. OMG – Pam you art is fabulous and I agree – it's scary to put yourself out there. Type A's unite! I can appreciate your feelings BUT repeat after me – "every one is entitled to their opinion – even if it's wrong" LOL You r0cK! Love your ArT!

  13. Hi Pam I just found your blog via the latest Art Journal magazine. I too being an art journalist am happy to meet you, and see more of your work via your blog. I look forward to having a peek around,Dede

  14. Hi Pam,Living in the UK I have not yet received my copy of CPS so I can't comment on the letter.I just wanted to let you know that your work ALWAYS totally inspires me, and like others can't wait for the book to come out.Have a great andcreative 2010

  15. You are a great teacher and inspiration. I look forward, too, to my Feedblitz that will make my day. The good, the bad and the ugly (I didn't see it so I have no idea) happen. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Can't wait for the book and that first grandchild is so special…you'll forget everything else. And the 7th grandchild is special, too!

  16. Pam, Just wanted to let you know I found your article inspiring. I enjoy your art work and am looking forward to getting your book. Keep publishing and sharing your creativity!

  17. Greetings Pam! I agree with ALL of the above comments! You are a gifted, REAL, teacher. It's true, artists wear their hearts on their sleeves and put a very personal, vulnerable side of themselves out there when they share even a tiny bit of themselves. Thank you for NOT holding back. Your life has touched so many, and will continue to do so. I find that the negative helps us test our own mettle. It helps to really define what you are passionate about! Keep sharing Pam! You are a wonderful mentor. Enjoy your wonderful journey as an artist! Happy New Year…..

  18. To share in a world that is so opinionated is to be brave, bold, confident and vulnerable. These are just some of the brilliant qualities you share through your art that encourage and inspire me in mine. Take in the negative and learn from it but stay focused on the positive and be grateful for both is my motto.Thanks for sharing the vulnerable side of you my friend.So looking forward to your workshop at IR.

  19. Pam, your work and your artful way of life are very inspirational to me. Keep learning and growing and sharing, and know that you are touching lives and making a difference. Bless you!

  20. Hi Pam …it was a fabulous article in CPS as usual. I read the article and get your point and its good to talk about the fact that we cant please everyone..but Im going to add something here that this person said but I dont believe your article should be the place for the technical stuff unless nudge nudge you might want to do one for us…lol the point been Im in Australia we dont have half as much awesome art supplies as you have over there…and Im usually googling my fingers off checking out what on earth a certain supply actually is…where can I get it and what does it actually do. So yes Id like more technical how to use articles too. But space for your articles in magazines is limited so its just not possible to cover it all…but like I said nudge nudge wink wink…hows about it a special for us gals who love ya from down under. hugs michelle

  21. Personally I can't imagine anyone not responding to your art…but that's life!! I look daily in my mail to see if you posted a new piece and if not I feel like I am missing something (big smile) but that is true.BTW Pat, tell your son to tell Kevin we were rooting for him here in Canada and we are sorry he slip up on a meal….

  22. Thank you for sharing your comments and your art. Once we can defeat the fear of rejection, we can be free reach new heights. Your artwork is very beautiful and inspiring. Have an artful New Year, Pam!<><

  23. I am glad you decided share this even because it is important to know that when you take a risk, there are going to be some bumps in the road–but just look at how far you've come and all the things you've accomplished " the Speed of Life". If you didn't put yourself out there and take those risks, so many great things would have been left on the table! Thank YOU for sharing so much of yourself and your talent. Here's to great things in 2010 and beyond!

  24. Pam, I admire your talent, kind soul & how you actively strive to achieve your goals. You please so many while pleasing yourself when you create your art (& now your book). Keep up the great work!

  25. Dear PamI follow your art every chance I get through your blog and the many publications you participate in…please dont change what you do you have inspired me here all the way in Australia to express myself freely in my journals and your techniques have helped me find my own style. I love your work and your sharing has been received wonderfully well "Down Under"Dying to get my hands on your book….congratulations!Mandy

  26. I just read it … it wasn't bad (though that is easy enough for someone not YOU to say!) Your work is amazing … just take it as a backhanded compliment … she just wanted even MORE ideas from you, not less. We all value your open-ness. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  27. Thank you so much for all you share. Your art and sharing are so beautiful and gracefully strong. You are inspiring and helping more than you know. I can't wait for your book!!

  28. Well, I just have to say sweet Pam, my feathers just puffed up and I just want to put that negative person in their place!!!! People like this are so unhappy and are most likely unhappy about EVERYTHING! It's sad really so I guess instead of being mad I should feel sorry for them that they are trying to spread their sadness. You are amazing, your artwork and your sharing…don't EVER stop sweet friend!! PS and I'm working feverishly on my projects ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  29. Pam No worries… for every poo- poo theres a jillion of us that love you and your inspirations count me in on one of those jillions 🙂

  30. Your sharing and caring heart is huge. Please continue to be the Pam we all know and love. Knowing everyone has a right to their opinion doesn't make it hurt less but it can make it bearable. 2010 is going to be awesome Pam!! I know it!!!Happy New YearHugsSueAnn

  31. Keep that positive attitude. It hurts to hear the negative, but when I get it hard from even the parents of the children I work so hard to reach in my classroom, I tell myself that if everyone agreed with me and my work, it would be a boring place…and I can't please everybody all the time. You are an inspiration, a teacher, and a generous sharing artist who touches so-o many….positively! ~Kathy

  32. Pam, because of your passion and generosity, you have inspired my art journey. Thank you for sharing your passion and creativity. Many wishes for a wonderful, artful New Year! Hugs, Terri

  33. Hi Pam,Thank you for sharing the good and the not so good with us. Your ability to share and inspire has certainly meant a great deal to me. Reading about your journey with art inspired me to send a piece to Somerset Studio and (tada) It's published in the Jan Feb 2010 issue. Thank you for sharing your art and your journey with us.–Jane

  34. you cant please all the people all of the time….. Pam do your own thing, enjoy, keep sharing your creative side with those that appreciate you. Rock on… Have a great New Year. Ciao

  35. Pam, thank you for sharing this–to let us know that there may ,be a little "bad" with the good. Although I read the letter, and it really wasn't that bad, but I understand where you're coming from. Your work is so AMAZING, and I really can't wait for your book!!

    • Hi Pam! I am new to your website, but have seen your beautiful art work in both Somerset Studio and CPS. At the time, I didn’t “know” who you were, but your article in CPS was wonderful. I love the way you describe techniques and how you do things. Just today I recieved the bingo dauber bottles I ordered after seeing your bird atc video from SS. I LOVE them and I love your art work and the fact that you are kind enough to share what you know and create with others. Art IS for sharing. Art is a special thing and to me very spiritual. You are a truly gifted and incredible artist and a huge inspiration. I will always have to have any magazine you and/or your art appears in, and as well, probably any product you recommend because you use terrific tools that I now know of and can enjoy too. Best wishes Pam.

      Heather Grace

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