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It’s hard to believe it is the eve of Christmas Eve. This past year has been a whirlwind of amazing things both in my home and my art life. I’m continually in awe of the blessings I’ve been given.

The life lesson that I keep learning over and over is ‘Change’. Nothing stays the same forever.

One thing that hasn’t changed in my life is my love for art. Art has seen me through the ups and downs and pulled me through some really rotten times.

Art nurtured me through a tough marriage and bloomed with the support of my second husband. It has grown more than I ever dared to dream through sharing.

Sharing your art, putting it ‘out there’ can be a scary thing, but it is through sharing it that we truly reach our creative potential.

I would like to encourage you all to find ways to share your passion for art in the year 2010. It can be as simple as a homemade card for a friend, or as big as sending your work in for publication, or maybe teaching a class to some children, even sharing it on your blog; whatever it is, is not as important as the act of doing it. We create because it’s who we are, but if we keep it hidden we aren’t showing others who we truly are.

We love art.
We need to create.
We are Artists.
Share Art

My DH shared his Christmas Miracle on his blog and it makes me realize how much we all affect each other.

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  1. Dear Pam,I'm so glad I found your blog while hopping around. It is very inspirational and so is your art. I'm going to become a follower so I can see more in the future.I love this post because I too have the same thought on wanting to encourage others to have courage to share their art. You see I am one who has always loved to create but was discouraged from it as a young girl, being told that I couldn't make a living at it. So I still created but put it aside and behind on the priority list. Now that my children are out on their own, I have decided to make it part of my everyday life again. I started blogging in Aug of 2009 and over the past couple of months, decided to become brave and share some of my art on my blog. I've done it on some Saturday posts and call it SHOW SOME CREATIVITY SATURDAY. It's my hope that others will become brave and join me. So I say all of this (sorry so lengthy) to say, thank you for encouraging me and others to do the same.It's so nice to meet you.Lee Ann

  2. it's been awesome watching your success this past year pam. it couldn't happen to a more deserving person. the essence of who you are shines through loud and clear. happy holidays to you and your family and i wish you continued success and i hope you attain all your 2010 goals! i know i'll be on the sidelines cheering for you!

  3. like this thread about creating art..I too am a busy mum to 3 and find that by creating it is my "me time"..all the best for 2010

  4. How true….and I number among the many whose lives have been enriched because you chose to share your gift with others. Thank you.Merry Christmas and enjoy all of your blessings in 2010 and beyond.

  5. Your well-spoken words mean a lot to me and I accept your challenge! I will consciously share my art whenever I can. Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas. Kat

  6. Merry xmas to you and your family . I look forward to seeing where art takes you in the new year. I love this post because just beginning to learn ,it is even more difficult to put yourself out there, but I agree important. I am so grateful to all who share ,it has inspired and encouraged me. Thanks for your part in teaching me:)I wish you continued success!!

  7. Merry Christmas, Pam! Thank you for all the lovely inspiration that you shared with us this past year. I know I have grown in my art because of techniques & ideas I picked up from you along the way.Many blessings to you this coming year & much success in all your endeavors. xo

  8. I totally agree and ditto on the wishes for 2010. I know I will be creating more.Have a joyous holiday and a healthy and happy new year, Pam.Love,Renee

  9. Your words ring true for me, Pam and thank you for urging us to share. I am trying and will be BRAVE like you for 2010. 😀 Happy Holidays to you!!

  10. The joy in your successes this year is felt by all who have been blessed to share in it. So 2010 will be even brighter, blessings and a very Merry Christmas sweetie!!!hugs

  11. You have had a wonderful year Pam and I feel so blessed that you have shared it with me. 2010 will be rockin'! I just know it!Hugs and Merry ChristmasSueAnn

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