You asked for it, you got it!

Some of you asked for some BIGGER pics of the journal pages in the previous post, so here you go!

These pages were created quickly, with text found from some newsletters I was throwing out.

I ripped out the things that spoke to me at that moment and glued them down randomly on several pages.

Paint, paint, and a bit more paint followed.

Texture tools(rag, sponge, veggie wrapper, etc) were used to lift off paint here and there.

My favorite hand carved diamond stamp with a little gesso made it’s way to this page.

Some other stamps were used here and there.

I really just used whatever was handy, working rapidly without much planning ahead.

What a release of my pent up energy!

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  1. Golly Pam these are awesome!! So much depth to them, and love the colors many wanted to see the bigggggger pages and we got what we asked for an more!!!thanks sweetie!!!

  2. I love these sort of "everything on on the page" joournal pages. They say so much about who we are and where we live (not to mention what we eat and wear and read) that I mostly unaware of until I stand back and look. Thanks Pam.

  3. I love the new look to your blog Pam. Can't put my finger on what it is…maybe just I haven't visited in to long. But looks great!!!!!Sending hugs

  4. I just love what you did and you have inspired me. I think too much when I'm "creating." I love your article in Art Journaling, by the way, but I always enjoy any article you write.

  5. Hey Cynthia:-) The lettering was done with a Sharpie Poster-Paint marker, when it dried I outlined it with a regular sharpie and then used a grey Pitt Brush Tipped pen to lightly shade one side of the letters. Very quick and easy:-)

  6. Just beautiful, Pam. I want to do some lettering like this on a painting I have in progress.Please share, if you will, whether you outline the letters before or after they are painted white. Is that white paint or gel pen in the letters. Thanks so very much. Your loyal fan, and proud owner of several PAM C's in my house.xoxo,cynthia

  7. Love your post and your work. Just learned about you from Seth Apter's posting! Congratulations on your upcoming book- it looks amazing!!

  8. love it!! you are funny!thanks for posting these larger,they are wonderful.Hugs!!!what's cooking in the crock pot today?? :)we need a recipe book for good crock pot meals – for artists!!!! 🙂

  9. LOL Pam…Is there some sublime messages in your work for the Contributing Artists…GET BUSY! for example…I am .I amOn the Journal pages which to me are very much stand alone art..just brilliant. Love the colours its has a vibrancy to it..I noted this as your previous works are beautiful but softer. These show you mean business your in the zone! Im in my zone too and loving every minute. Mark is keeping the Cappuccino's coming. hugs Michelle

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