Art at the Speed of Life, The Book

The past two years have been an amazing transition from SAHM who loves art to Art as my career. For the 20+ years prior, art was my hobby, always there, always cherished, but not my ‘day job’. This has changed over the last couple of years as I started to take some baby steps out into the the world of publication.

The start was a simple list of goals and dreams in my Art Journal. These were my ‘secret’ dreams and I did not know if they were possible, but I did know that if I didn’t at least try they would always just be a dream.
So I sent a piece in to a magazine.
It was sent back a couple of months later.
I sent in another piece.
It was sent back a couple of months later.
This is where I could have given up.
But something inside of me was determined and I sent in three pieces.
These were published!
This was the start of an exciting ride of publications, teaching opportunities and now the realization of my heart of arts deepest desire,
the publication of my book,

Art at the Speed of Life

I’ve been working and reworking this book idea since last December. I’ve learned so much in the process. Looking back I realize that the timing was not right until now. Like everything else, there is much growth in the journey. It is the journey, not the accomplishments, that make us who we are.

I would like to invite all of you, my family, friends, and fellow bloggers to share the journey of ‘Art at the Speed of Life’ on my new blog. I will share the ups and downs of the road the book will travel.
I will share in the hopes that it will help and encourage some of you on your own journey and to help me learn and grow as much as possible along the way.
I hope to see you over there to follow along with the books progress,

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  1. pam…i haven't been able to make my blog rounds for a little bit..but i've just seen that you are doing a book. that is really great. i'm very proud of you! can't wait to see it on the bookstore shelves!

  2. Pam I am so happy for you. Congratulations. You are the perfect example of what dedication and dreams can bring about!! Glad that I will be part of your amazing journey!

  3. congratulations Pam!… i can't wait for your book, and am so incredibly excited for you… all of the hard work and belief and perseverance you have shared with all of us has been such an inspiration… those of us lucky enough to have been touched by your he(art) are sharing in the joy of knowing there will be so many others who will find their own creative voice because of you…xo

  4. Pam, that is excellent!! I'm so excited for you! I will look forward to reading all about it. You have encouraged me to continue sending my art to some magazines. Thank you!!

  5. They say timing is everything and it really is true! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It will inspire many of us, including me to follow our dreams. Persistence is a key ingredient to success.All the best!Kathryn

  6. I am so proud of you! You are a testament to all of us by showing what tenacity and hard work can do for a talented artist!Talk soon my friend,Brandie

  7. Congrats dear sweet friend, if anyone deserves this, it's you. Your persistence and constant reaching for your dream has certainly paid off and I am quite certain that it will continue to be an amazing journey for many years of beautiful arting :)I'm glad to have been a witness to this wonderful evolution of you as a full time artist! I hope to accomplish even 1/2 of what you have!!

  8. Wow, Pam!! That is SO inspiring that you went from art as a hobby to a career in two years. I semi-sub consciously wish I had the same path, but I can't REALLY admit it to myself 😉 Thanks for this post.

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