Come Over to the Dark Side

Well, I had to stop in to see what Michelle Ward was up to and the Street Team challenge was something I’ve been playing with already so I’m in!

Working on a black background is such a great way to think a bit outside the ordinary. Colors play differently and the dark under layer adds an air of mystery.
Love stretching that artistic muscle in new ways. If you have time to play come join in the fun!

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  1. So beautiful on the Dark Side. Love the quality that your lovely faces have with that black softening them.Cheers, Crusader!

  2. The faces look incredible – I especially like the highlight on the eyelids of the larger face in the middle. Funny how small things can capture our attention huh? Thanks for sharing your dark side with us.

  3. I'm new to working with black backgrounds. It is wonderful to see your paintings on a black ground. I'm now seeing more possibilities that I hadn't seen before. Many thanks! k

  4. These are some cool treatments and I love how they look. I see that great texture that you discuss on your post script video about ATCs. These faces are luminous.

  5. I recently started my first real art journal while on vacation and my favorite pages were the black ones! May have to go check out the challenge! As always love your work Pam!

  6. Pam – your faces on black look really cool. I agree with you – black as a foundation changes things. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  7. Love your work and since completing your Portrait and Journaling class have learned so much. Thanks for sharing so generously. Love getting the FeedBlitz in my email. It's the first thing I read when I open my email box! May God's Blessings continue on you as you share with others.

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