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In honor of my step mom I am offering fine art prints from my original piece, ‘Beauty in Strength’. I will only be offering these limited edition prints through the end of October and the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation. If you purchase one for yourself or a friend, please accept my offer of 1/2 off the price of a second print of your choosing from my print shop. I will refund the difference through PayPal. What a great way to support a good cause and get something for yourself or a gift at the same time. Please help me to send a nice big check on November 1st!
Also feel free to use this image to promote this sale on your blog:-)

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  1. Pam, this is a wonderful painting, and for such a good cause! Lovely to have you participate on Mixed Media Monday and hope you will again. Diane

  2. Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for your help. I have the listing in my shop and will move it up to be the first one, I don't want to link directly to it because as they sell the link will change.

  3. Pam, could you post up a link to the limited edition print in the storefront where we are supposed to buy it? That would help some of us out, I think. It's a lovely painting.

  4. I'm torn between a couple of your prints on Etsy. Just wanted to make sure that is where I am suppose to buy the print. Your work is gorgeous! Let me know and become a follower of my blog too! I am leaning towards the ballerina, but I love the angelin disguise and also another one, I can't remember the name.I would love to help you out on your cause!Linda 🙂

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