It’s that time of year I guess, battling a nasty head cold.  Ugh!  I did feel a tad better yesterday though and was able to finish a couple of journal pages.  I love being able to make art even when I don’t feel good.  I have a little tote bag that I threw a few simple tools in and went downstairs to sit in my comfy chair with my feet up, jammies on.

Inside the bag were, water soluble crayons and colored pencils in my favorite colors, a graphite pencil, blending stump, XS Pitt Pen, Signo White Gel Pen, and a water filled brush.  

And my Moleskine journal.

Having only a few tools is stress relieving and relaxing.  No decisions about colors, pens, or paints, just freedom to create. 

I started with sketches and built on that adding color with the crayons,
doodles, and journaling.  I found an interesting trick with the White Gel Pen:  you can write with it and then use the water soluble crayon over the top and it acts as a bit of a resist allowing the pen to show through.  Just make sure it’s dry first!
I hope you are feeling well, use that hand sanitizer for more than transfers!!  And find time for art today, even if it’s just a few minutes.  It really is the best medicine:-)

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  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better so you could Jornal. Love your pages! They say a lot. You're always so inspiring, Pam. Can't wait to take your class in Escondido later this month!~Nina in San Diego~

  2. You poor darling ..Hope you feel better soon. Its not affecting your lovely journal work. I really liked what your"ve done on this page. 1 more week to my Art Showing. Ive missed keeping up with you Pam. Thinking of you and your talented art work while I sip on my cappuccino. smiles and Hugs Michelle

  3. Finally! I got some blog sightseeing time! I loved your post about 9/11, I'm loving all the new work and the pages in Art Journlaing are FANtastic! But I expected no less my dear. And I did the same thing when I redid my studio…re-use, repurpose, buying nothing new except one plastic rolling bin. I love the homey-ness of my studio now but also the work-abililty in the studio. And I think your lighter walls are so much nicer don't you? Opens up the room and makes everything bright looking. My studio originally started out with dark walls and I was amazed when I painted them a lighter color. Feel better soon sweetie.hugsg

  4. I'm doing the page a day for (my goal is) a year and, ugh, it's hard when you're not feeling well. I've had a migraine since Monday so I know it can be difficult to get out that journal and those crayons–good for you! The pages look beautiful to boot! (Although, one very minor boo-boo I must point out ONLY incase you're thinking about sending this one away to be published–the "it's song" should be "its song", no contraction. Again, no offence intended, Pam; I'm a writer by day so my eye is trained to look for these things is all.)

  5. i hope your head didn't explode pam! poor thing. don't you just hate it when you get sick!?! grrr. but i will say your journal pages are awesome. sometimes we just need to rest whether we like it or not. i hope you are feeling so much better today.

  6. Soooo sorry to hear that you've had a case of sniffles. I've got to give you "props", Pam . . . when I'm under the weather, I My Muse curls into a little ball too! Your pages are beautiful, and thanks for the new technique. Feel better! Hugs, Terri

  7. What beautiful journal pages!!! I have to admit that when I'm feeling under the weather my creative side eludes me. Get well real soon!

  8. I agree…my journal helped to get me out of a funk yesterday. Hope you are quickly on the mend…I know your plate is quite full now, so take care of yourself, first and foremost !! HUGS !!! (Beautiful journal pages by the way 🙂

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