I will never forget

“I will never forget, I was sleeping and my American Airlines hubby was up with our 2 month old son. He watched by himself as the first plane hit, then woke me and said he was sorry for waking me up but something really bad was happening. We watched together as the second plane hit. Then the phone calls started coming in as family and friends tried to delicately ask if my husband was flying. I finally had him answer so they would know he was ok right away. So many lives changed forever that day. His job description and career changed along with everything else, ever conscious of his duty to protect those aboard.”

As I wrote this on my friend Dawn Edmondson’s 9/11 remembrance post it, along with the news coverage this morning, transported me right back to those terrible hours.  As event after event unfolded we went from this can’t be happening to thinking anything could happen. 

Our country united as compassion and resolve flooded our souls.  I hope we never forget that day.  It showed us what Americans are made of.  It made us incredibly sad, but it also made us proud and it made us strong. 

It made us appreciate the things we normally take for granted.


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  1. Thank you for your post. I cannot describe that day for us. My brother was at the pentagon then. Because of his duties and the commotion of being able to get out of the area after we did not know until evening if he had survived or not. I don't think any of us will ever think 9-11 without that turmoil of feelings of disbelief, horror, and incredible sadness…and then relief…followed by guilt that our loved one was spared while others were not. But it has also defined these times for us. It has made us stronger, and more caring, and made us see what is really important.

  2. Thank you Pam for this reminder and I too will never forget. So much has changed since then!!! I cry that time has eroded the memory of so many of that time.HugsSueAnn

  3. a poignant post pam. i can't imagine anyone forgetting that exact moment they saw or heard about it. it was indeed sad that so many innocent people lost their lives. the ripple effect of that event touched everyone i believe, whether it was through someone they knew that lost their life, helped in the recovery, or someone they knew fought in the war. i am hopeful we all came out of it stronger and more united.

  4. So true Pam! So true! I too will never forget that day! Thank you for the reminder. I remember sitting and watching with horror and sorrow as that day unfolded. HugsSueAnn

  5. Pam it was a tragic day for all of us, and to forget what happened that day would dishonor all those who lost their lives. Your heart is so kind and loving dear friend!!(((hugs)))

  6. Wonderful, thoughtful post, Pam. I do hope we never forget…I know I haven't…hubby was in NYC that day…was witness to a great deal of horror…I, like Mary, fear that too many have already forgotten. But thanks to posts like yours, folks remember.

  7. None of us who lived through that terrible day will ever forget the pain, horror and anguish . . . Things changed that day, and will never be the same. Our freedom will never be taken for granted again. xoxo

  8. Beautiful post Pam. It was a horrific time. How the country united was an amazing thing to see. Sadly, some of that unification has been forgotten I fear.

  9. I remember where I was when it happened. I don't think I will ever forget. My middle son(I have three, too!)was about 11 at the time and he was worried that if he went outside the airplanes would fall out of the sky on him. I was so upset that he felt so deeply about what had happened and took it inside himself. I have become so much more patriotic since then.

  10. thought provoking post, Pam. That day will never be forgotten. The world changed so much for so many Americans – lots of eyes (and hearts) opened

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