Beauty in Strength

I just got back from visiting my family. This was my first trip back since my step mom’s breast cancer diagnosis and the thing that struck me immediately, was the strength I saw in her eyes. She spent most of the weekend visiting with all of the family, head unadorned by hair, scarf, or wig. I thought I would feel uncomfortable at her new loss, but instead I felt her strength and was comforted by it. She is bravely facing this battle and confidently making plans for ‘after treatment’.
This piece titled Beauty in Strength is inspired by her and in an effort to continue raising funds for research efforts, I will be offering prints in my etsy Print Shop, with the profits going to the Susan G. Komen Center.
‘I don’t think of all the misery but
of the Beauty that still remains’

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  1. I love it Pam, I got it today and this weekend I will shop for the perfect frame. As always, much love, prayers and best wishes for your step mom.

  2. Pam, this is gorgeous and the meaning behind it is beautiful. Do you mind if I blog about you and link to your blog? I just love your work. I am going to buy a print as soon as our finances allow. I just don't know how to choose!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. It is hard to find words to comment. Somehow, "I love this piece" isn't enough. May your step mother continue to be strong. May you continue to create your phenomenal, moving art.

  4. Pam, I love this one. I am a cancer survivor (21 yrs) and I can relate to your feelings. My mom was uncomfortable seeing me with out any hair. But, she saw not having any hair didn't change who I was. She was strengthened watching me go thru treatments for a year. I love the color pink and I agree this would be a wonderful poster for the Breast Cancer society. Keep up the good work.Sharon for TX

  5. I always love your work but this may be my very favorite. What a wonderful way to help not only your step mother but so many others. My mother was a breast cancer survivor and I will definately be buying this print when it's ready. Way to go Pam!

  6. This is a beautiful print and it is admirable for you to use your talents in such a wonderful way. I am purchasing one in honor of my mother in law who is battling cancer.gina

  7. This is absolutely beautiful! I posted it on Facebook along with the info about prints being made available soon. It's really lovely. When you get the prints made let me know, my friend Michelle (still alive 2 years after being given 6 mos to live!) is really plugged in to the breast cancer community and would be very interested. The strength and beauty are so evident in this piece, it's obvious you were inspired by the love you have for your (step)mom. A very inspirational piece, you really outdid yourself here.xoxo

  8. That determination in your step mother's eyes will carry her through this. I'm a cancer survivor, and I remember the day I found out. It sucked my breath from my body for several hours, then that determination, and the acceptance of what hand I'd been dealt took over. I've never looked back, and I'm here 7 years later. And still determined. This is an incredibly moving piece, Pam. Thank you.. and hugs and prayers and cheering for your stepmom!

  9. Oh Pam….what an amazing work of art!!!! Her strength gives you strength….and you honor her ~ what a beautiful circle of love!!!! xxoo, Dawn

  10. Pam, the love you have for your StepMom shows in every stroke of this beautiful piece. You have captured the strength and hope in her eyes. Thank you so much for this inspirational piece. Hugs & Blessings, Terri xoxo

  11. This is so beautiful! It touched my heart in particular, because I too have had breast cancer, and had two operations and chemotherapy. And as you can see, because I am writing this, I am still here 5 years later to tell the tale! Thank you for your wonderful post! Suzie. XXX

  12. I literally have tears in my eyes as I am leaving you this comment.I had an aunt who passed from breast cancer and she had that same wonderful strength in her eyes when she was fighting her disease.I also love the colors so much .Before my aunt died I dreamt of this most beautiful butterfly accending into the heavens,I cannot even describe it in words it was so beautiful .I have a tattoo on my shoulder to signify her death, it is a butterfly with a breast cancer ribbon for its body.I did the butterfly because of the dream and one day a lady told me that a butterfly was the symbol for hospice.I am so touched by your painting.

  13. Just wonderful and an inspiration to your step-mom, I am sure. How gracious of you to use your talents to help others…

  14. Pam, you have outdone yourself on this one. Such depth and strength and yes, beauty comes through. I think you should present this to 'someone that is someone' in one of the breast cancer battle societies. This could become the poster they use in all their promotional work. Its absolutely wonderful and eye catching.

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