Safe Harbor

What is your ‘Safe Harbor’? Do you have a place to go where you can be yourself, your true self, the self the world only gets glimpses at? Melange on Etsy has the weekly word prompt up and it is ‘Harbor’. My first thought was to add the word ‘Safe’ . A port in the storm. My ‘Safe Harbor’ is my journal. It is where I can work things out, experiment, paint right over the top of it if I don’t like it, just as I did on this page. I started it with a sketch in a reddish brown pencil. I didn’t really like it but I moved on. Later I went back and added a few layers of paint right over the top. Then because I could still see the sketch I drew it again right over the paint. working, reworking, layering.

This next set of pages started with a sketch also, then I added some PanPastels for some color. They are really soft and lovely on the Moleskine sketch paper. Then I poured some feelings onto the page. My college bound son wants to get an apartment with his cousin, who is also his best friend. Another empty room in the house? Will I be his ‘Safe Harbor’? This will take some more journaling to work through…

This is a favorite saying, ‘She believed she could, so she did’.

I remind myself of it,

I wear it on a necklace,

I pull it out when I need to hear it again.

This piece was done mostly with PanPastel on museum quality sanded pastel paper.

‘Believe’ is available in my etsy shop.

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  1. just cam across your blog Pam…name "Bag Lady"  got me..I just did a scultpure out of rusted "stuff" for my rock garden…it son my blog…..I really like what you do…Keep Kreating

  2. As always Pam, very nice work! I like your journaling. My girls are all grown up, and have been out of the house for a long time. It might be hard at first, but you'll enjoy it after a while. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your *new* faces have a very gentle and pensive look to them, and just look at those lips…beautiful, and love the soften that the pan pastels bring..Pssst, you are one lucky gal to have a husband who's so secure in himself that he'd write here…you are truly blessed with an awesome family…(((hugs)))blessings sweetie!!Bevie

  4. I was touched by this post. Another one leaves the nest…it's difficult. I love the girl on the far left. Do you use the smallest Moleskine or the next size up? Love your art!!

  5. pam i love how you are never afraid of making mistakes in your journal. it's such inspiration to see. your work is always so uplifting and moving. i love coming to visit and reading about you and your work.

  6. wow, another empty room… more studio space? you make such a great harbor that I have no doubt where he'll come!beautiful work, I love the pastels on moleskin!

  7. thank you for sharing…my safe harbor is always my studio…as messy as it is right now….sometimes i play music and sometimes i play quiet…the time passes quicker than i would like…and i am truly the queen of my domain…in my studio..

  8. Pam, I'm so happy I stopped by the visit just in time to witness a beautiful act of love! Safe harbor, indeed! Hugs, Terri xoxoPS – Your post was beautiful too!

  9. I have a few favored ports, but only one "safe harbor". One I know and love so well – the only one I'm certain is real because it's the only one external to my dark little mind – is the star within a tempest engraved into my wedding band. It's my wife, Pam. See you tomorrow, babe.

  10. Hi Pam,I moved into a 5 bedroom house 3 years ago and my house was always filled with kids,laughter,big dinners and now only two of those bedrooms are being used. I set the table for three not five or six. The empty nest syndrome is very hard! Just keep busy. I'm thinking of you and I understand from one mom to another!

  11. All three of these are beautiful. I am glad you re-sketched the face on "Safe Harbor" I love her expression, so haunting – pensive….I enlarged them to get a better look, Pam your faces are so beautiful!!I love the look of the pastels you are using.

  12. Love the post, Pam! Honestly, this is my very first time feeling safe & @ home in 12 years+. SO – the entire new appartment is my safe-haven in which I can do what I want, create, read, relax, entertain, love, laugh & enjoy! Maybe a few months ago I would have said my studio, but since I moved, I truly love my new place! Can you tell!? 🙂 Cheers, Julie

  13. Pam, you never fail to impress me with your lovely work! and now I am being tempted by these Pan pastels you mentioned :-)It's nice that your son is going to be rooming with his cousin. Family is so important, and I'm sure it is a comfort that they are heading out to college together, and not among strangers.

  14. Love it .. I love all your work , it always makes me want to get back to drawing and painting … oh some day !I relate to your feelings you portray towards your boys . I have two teenage sons and I feel pain now and they haven't even left my nest yet !

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