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Ooops, was that a typo? Not really, this lovely medium is called Pan Pastel’s. I just love them so much I call them Pam’s Pastel’s:-) They are lovely, ultra soft, artist pastels that come in little cakes or pans. I often use them with other mediums, for a soft touch to

backgrounds or for quick coloring in my journal.

What I had not done before is to create a portrait using only the pastel’s, no paint. It gives a totally different feel to the work. Very soft looking, slightly out of focus. Lovely. And so fast you won’t believe it! Perfect for journal work. So this morning I decided to do a little video tutorial for you! It took a total of 23 minutes from start to finish for this portrait, and that includes fiddling with the camera, so you can see it is fast. There is no dry time, no mess, and quick coverage.

This is the portrait at the end of the video

This is the finished portrait. I used a little charcoal and some water soluble crayon on the background, the face is done only with the pastels and graphite pencil.

You can view the video here,

available in my etsy shop

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  1. Pam, I recently took a workshop with Teesha and Tracy Moore and Karla from Portland passed on the link to your blog–and this tutorial in pan pastels. Thanks so much. I used them at the workshop, but I can see now what the possibilities are. Thanks.

  2. Pam thank you for continually sharing your talent… this video inspired my soul and took me to a place of quiet!!! Thank you for that!!!

  3. Thanks for putting up the video, Pam, great portrait too! She is very Modigliani with that long angled face and curves. Wonderful!

  4. Just beautiful Pam!!! I'm hoping that your portraits class will run for while, because I'd like to take it! Can't right now cuze I'm already taking four classes ….yup, I'm crazy! I also love the soft, dreamy look of your artwork. You definitely have a style all your own!

  5. Pam I'm having a hard time resisting these Pan pastels, and you are not making it any easier, lol!what a lovely, soft portrait!I'm off to watch the making of it now 🙂

  6. I watched the video and its like watching something magical appear before your eyes. Just beautiful I cant believe how easy you make it look. I really need to get me some of those pastels so soft and blends wonderful. What were you using for the brushes ..did I see a palette knife? Please keep the portrait class up till November …LoL I will be there then 🙂 hugs Michelle

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