All My Eggs In One Basket

My grandma used to say ‘not to put all of my eggs in one basket’, but I couldn’t resist doing a couple more ‘Blue Speckled Egg’ pieces. My husband liked these and said that my color palette ties all of my work together. He said the next thing he knows I will have a line of art supplies, my own signature colors-lol! Thank you for the vote of confidence honey:-) I am really enjoying playing in a little different venue. I guess it’s not all that different, my first collages were somewhat along these lines, but now I am doing far more painting than collage work.

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  1. Well Pam I agree with the others that your hubby is right!!! I love these…you are definately on a roll….eggroll..ehhehe!!! Just kiddin!!!

  2. Hi Pam, Im enjoying your new series too. Ive never like still life that much but I do love yours. Simple yet having so much to tell in the story you paint. The speckled eggs are just too cute. What type of little birdy hatches out of these????lol hugs Michelle

  3. Pam, these do seem to be the start of a whole new level. There is something different about them in addition to the depth & complexity. You are onto something & so is your husband!

  4. well pam…i think your hub couldn't more right! i say go for it!! this egg series is totally right up my alley. LOVE 'em!! and how do you find so much time to get these fabulous pieces done? i'm always so impressed with your productivity.

  5. I LOVE these pieces!! Looks like you've been really productive. How do you get a thumbnail from your blogpost to link to Facebook??Take care!p.s. our anniversary is tomorrow (6/15) – when is yours?

  6. I agree, "Pam' Palette"! I would be your first customer Pam. Congrats on the Egg pieces, beautiful as always.Linda

  7. These are great, too! Nate is awesome. I wanted to say, also, that I'm liking these short, little blog posts. I'm going to learn from your example to get back on the bandwagon. Well, that's the plan anyway…you know the theme for my life is "to make a long story longer…"

  8. Love this entire series! Your husband is right – these renaissance colors are so indicative of your work. So sorry to hear the your trip to Cabo was canceled … Looks as though the Fates had other plans. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

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