I just finished this piece titled ‘Enjoy’. Still having fun playing with the pears and have one more in the works that incorporates a portrait.
I am going away for a couple of days to enjoy celebrating my 10th anniversary in Cabo San Lukas with my DH. I hope you all enjoy your weekend, whether it is the simple pleasure of a bite of perfectly ripened fruit, a juicy burger off the grill, or listening to the laughter of kids running through a sprinkler, take a moment and enjoy~

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  1. You have been given a Kreative Blogger award :-)Put that in your My Picture folder literally) by picking up the award at my place! Congratulations!

  2. Lovely, sweet pears, love the colours! Happy Anniversary and have a great weekend! Hugs, Sanda

  3. Yep, this are awesome…love how you've managed to make them transparent in a way!!! It's so rich!!!Happy Anniversary to you and dh…enjoy your time away!(((hugs)))Bevie

  4. wowee pam..love those pears! there is something wonderful about pears for some reason. it was my very first watercolor painting i did so maybe that's why i enjoy seeing them in art. the colors are magnificant. have a beautiful anniversary celebration!

  5. Just gorgeous sweet Pam!!!! You are so amazing…like a flower that has bloomed dear friend, you. are. in. your. element!!!! Happy Anniversary too, I hope you two have a wonderful time together!!! xxoo, Dawn

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