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The Melange Team Weekly Challenge word is ‘Dance’. How lovely is that? It conjures up all sorts of graceful, lovely, and even fun images. This piece, ‘Wistful Glories’ is one I did some time ago. I spent some time in a gallery at ZNE’s convenzione and I picked it up when I went to this years retreat. I had it at my table during my make and take and it sold. I don’t do a lot of sales in person. Most are done online and I never meet the people who buy my art. I always love to hear from them and it warms my heart to hear when my work has found a good home and is being enjoyed. This sale was face to face and the woman seemed to love it so. It was a great feeling and made my heart feel like dancing. I really loved this piece and it was good to see it again, but my art is made to share. It is sometimes a bit hard to part with it, but as soon as it leaves me I am ready to make another work of heart. It is a great feeling to share something as personal as art.
P.S. Here is the journal page that was the inspiration behind this piece.

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  1. I belong to a shop downtown and occasionally get to meet the people that buy my art. It really warms my heart.Love your art! Teresa

  2. I,too, have difficulty parting with my work, Pam. I paint children’s murals, and when I finish a job, I’m usually sad for a few days after. It’s as though I’ve painted a piece of my soul and left it behind. However, when I see how happy my clients are, my heart sings! Now I’m experiencing this very same feeling with my smaller works!This piece has such a dreamy, ethereal quality – So feminine and beautiful! I’m sure she’s cherished and has brought tons of happiness to her owner.Thank you, too, for showing us the inspiration page! Fabulous! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Yes, I drew her. She started out as a journal page in my very first art journal. I’ll add the page to the post.

  4. Pam this is lovely, no wonder she sold! Did you draw the ballerina? she looks soft and dreamy, which is a quality I love from your work

  5. Pam, I LOVE this piece…it was the first of yours that I ever “hearted”….maybe it was a print at that time, I don’t remember. Do you have plans to make more prints of this ?? It is a beauty 🙂

  6. that piece of art is beautiful. it is funny how sometimes we feel a bit too connected to a piece of art and it is a little hard to let it go. i’ve experienced that myself. i wonder if partly why that happens is because we put so much of our energy into our art and that energy transfer makes it a part of us. but one thing i am sure of is that the person who purchased it is loving every square inch of it.

  7. That buyer was very fortunate…and I’m sure she still gazes lovingly on this piece…and puts her hand out to touch the surface just as I found myself wanting to do…

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