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I never do this view of the face, but journals are all about experimenting so I gave it a try while journaling in bed last night. My poor husband would be shocked to see the amount of art supplies that come to bed with me when he’s gone, LOL! And barring the Gesso Incident’ he has really no clue. He only saw the spot on the comforter after I cleaned it up! Remember that commercial for Temperpedic mattresses where they have a wine glass on the bed and they jump on it? Well it’s true! My water bucket can sit on the bed while I paint!! So glad we invested in a good bed that I can paint in-hehe.
Time to fess up, do you take your art to bed with you?

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  1. I take my art to bed when it follows me. Bits of paper stuck to me I find between the sheets and of course if I haven’t removed all the paint from my arms and hands, then for sure it comes off on the sheets. I like my studio better than my bed, so I don’t actually do art yet my head is always spinning for the next great idea!

  2. I really am enjoying the black journal..I may Have to find me one.Love your journals. Thank you for sharing

  3. Even as I speak (write, that is) the art supplies are in bed with me! I too have to have my journal next to the bed at night cause I think of things to jot down. My mattress is a Comforpedic, and yes, I love it!-Roberta

  4. Pam,love these new artworks on black paper! It gives your portraits a darker more contemplative feel to them.

  5. Love the “gesso” incident! I take art to bed with me all the time too. Hubby usually can tell by the paper clippings that I miss during cleanup from cutting out bird parts!I like what you’re doing with the black paper Pam.

  6. This is so intriguing! I really need to begin a journal. You inspire me to create and yet I have not journaled yet.And yes I do take my artwork to bed often I wake in the night and have to write down an idea I have thus the notepad and pen on the night stand.XXXBecky

  7. My best artistic ideas seem to come right before I fall asleep. Had to chuckle when I read about the “gesso incident”! Really love the black journal.

  8. i a really intrigued by the black journal pad. i may have to get one for myself. don’t you just love those tempurpedic mattresses? they’re great.

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